Wanted: Homeschooling parents to spread the word about homeschooling products. The Old Schoolhouse® is launching the Homeschool Influencer Network to connect parents with vendors in the homeschool community. We’re forming a network of homeschooling parents who would like to be considered.

  • We’re currently searching for evaluators. 
  • Evaluators will look over a homeschooling product and write a detailed evaluation about the product which would be published on our website, HomeschoolingFinds.com.   
  • If you are a content creator or influencer, you may apply to join our waitlist. 
  • Content Creators will look over a homeschooling product and provide 5 high-quality images and a well-written testimonial for our clients.
  • Our Influencer team will look over a homeschooling product and provide a 30-90 second reel on Instagram highlighting the homeschooling product. 
  • We supply the products; you supply the creatives.
  • Members who are invited to join the Homeschool Influencer Network will be compensated for their work.

If you love a good homeschool product and can’t keep quiet about it, apply for the exclusive opportunity to be a part of the Homeschool Influencer Network by completing this application today.

If you have any questions please email Charlotte Gochnauer at cgochnauer@theoldschoolhouse.com  

Link: https://bit.ly/ApplyTOSNetwork

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