About the Crew

The Schoolhouse Review Crew is composed of approximately 200 homeschool families that love to blog about homeschool products!

The Schoolhouse Review Crew is a viral marketing network comprised of dynamic homeschooling families that set apart their own school time to use and review your products with their own children for six weeks. They then all share their experiences on their blogs in the span of one week. If you want to participate in a Crew run, you can utilize up to a 100 families all at one time. This is up to 100 reviews about your product going live on the internet in one week’s time!

Details and requirements are provided by Debra Brinkman, our Crew Administrator, along with a helpful manual to guide you along the way, but here are some questions and helpful information for you to consider as you contemplate a Crew run.

1. Which age group is your product geared toward? Would you like to have us review more than one age level? We can do this!

2. How many crew members ( up to 100) would you like to use? You do not have to use all 100. Some companies utilize 40, 50, or 75. The choice is yours.

3. Are you shipping a physical product, a download or online program? We review all sorts of things! Let’s get your product out there!

4. Please keep in mind that we do not review demos or samples of products, but full and complete versions. If your program is an online program, our team reviews a full subscription. What programs would you like us to showcase for you this year?

5. The TOS Homeschool Crew loves to review! You can harness that enthusiasm for your company! Let’s work together!

For more information, please contact Debra Brinkman at dbrinkman@thehomeschoolmagazine.com.