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2016 Crew Application 2

We are in the homeward stretch of the 2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew season and we are looking for Homeschool Bloggers who are passionate about all things home schooling related.

Do you love seeing and trying out Homeschool curriculum and products? Do you have a blog ? Are you a curriculum Junkie ? If you answered YES to any of these questions then read on …

Our team is growing and expanding and we are in the process of accepting NEW applications for the 2016 crew year.

How can you apply?

After making sure you meet all of the requirements, if you believe you would be an asset to our Crew and wish to join us, please fill out our application. We will be in touch soon!

Click here to fill out the
2016 Schoolhouse Review Crew Application!


Here’s what a few of members have to say about being on the Crew

“This is my 3rd year being a part of this amazing group and there are so many benefits I think the best thing is to just list them all. All the great curriculum products we get to review HAVE to be at the top. Even though we use a great boxed curriculum I’ve discovered so many more products to enhance our learning days, get over humps, even homeschool on the go.” Read more of Kemi’s reasons over at Homemaking OrganizedWhy I Love Being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew (the 2015 version)


“For a few years, I pondered if I, too, could review homeschool curriculum. I wondered about the requirements and such, but I didn’t have the confidence to reach out and ask. That’s the thing about blogging and me, I always thought those who did reviews and such must have some astronomical behind the scenes numbers. Well, I don’t have astronomical numbers, but last year I decided that I would apply for the Crew because it was something I wanted to do. Simple as that. the Crew this year was and is a huge blessing for my family and me.” Read more about the blessings of being on the Crew for a first year Crew Mate – Latonya over at A Little This… A Little That The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew & What It’s Meant to Me


“It’s the group I’ve reviewed curricula (and other amazing stuff) for, since the summer of 2013. Maybe first, though, you’d like to know why I love it so. (There are a lot of reasons, but for the sake of brevity, I’ve narrowed it down to the top 3.)”  Pop on over to FinchnWren to read about Wren’s top THREE  Things We Love: Schoolhouse Review Crew (Apply today!)


“If you regularly visit my blog you are familiar with all of the reviews that I write about homeschool curriculum. There’s no way I could afford all of the curriculum that we are blessed to be able to use. So how do I get all this wonderful motherload of awesomeness? Simply put, I am a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. And….” Read more about Adena’s thoughts over at her blog From the Desk of Adena F Are You a Homeschooling, Blogging, Curriculum Junkie? This is for YOU!!

Read more about Why our Team love being a part of our Crew

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