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By definition, virtue is the quality of being morally good or righteous. Oftentimes parents may have difficulty in thinking of ways to teach their children how to be virtuous, or maybe even want to make it fun for them. Most important is making those qualities last a lifetime.

Earlier this year, members of the Crew reviewed several character-building resources from We Choose Virtues. In today’s giveaway, three of you will have the opportunity to win some of these products!


We Choose Virtues offers products that can be used for families, homeschoolers, kids’ church, schools, youth, and kids. The Schoolhouse Review Crew received 1 of 2 products to review: Parenting Cards and the Youth Virtue Journal.

The Parenting Cards ($38.49) are used by the parents at home, and are available in both King James and New International Readers Versions. The King James Version Parenting Cards were originally created for Jewish families who teach their children from the Old Testament, and therefore use scriptures from the Old Testament only. The International Readers Version contains verses from both the Old and New Testaments.

The Youth Virtue Journal ($17) is 100 pages long and covers 9 virtues: attentiveness, contentment, forgivingness, gentleness, helpfulness, honesty, obedience, perseverance, and respectfulness. The journal was originally designed for use as a counseling tool in the Idaho court system, and therefore contains no scriptures. With this tool students will talk about their dreams, evaluate their own use of virtue, discuss virtue quotes, and you’ll also give your own advice.

In addition to these 2 resources, our friends at We Choose Virtues have graciously offered their Homeschool Kit ($98.99) for the grand prize in this giveaway! This Kit was assembled with everything a Homeschool parent needs to effectively teach 12 Virtues. It has 5 beautiful posters, a 100 Day’s of Virtue achievement chart with stickers, flash cards, the Parenting Cards, and so much more!

Scroll down to enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below. But first, read what a few of our Crew members had to say about We Choose Virtues:

From Sara Elizabeth @ A Mama’s Story

As my daughter considered her own actions and where she would place herself on a scale of 1 to 10, writing in the journal section became the most difficult task. Sometimes it took her hours before she felt comfortable writing something, especially when she felt convicted about a specific virtue. This required real soul-searching on her part; but afterwards, it prompted even more discussion.

From Rebecca @ Raventhreads

My children love the characters. They discuss the characters and the virtue that the character is associated with, and when we discuss a book, a movie or have a teachable moment here at home, they always relate it back to the character on the card.

From Lisa @ Farm Fresh Adventures

I really like this product. The Parenting Cards are very simple to implement and are very colorful. The Kids of VirtueVille stories are short and easy to remember–and incorporate things that would be probable things children might experience.

From Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break

 I loved that it spelled out specifics of what it means to be Gentle, Respectful, or Obedient. These concepts are often vague even for adults, so to ask ourselves some hard questions about whether we are careless, or mocking, or quick to argue can be very instructive. And humbling.

From Jennifer @ Home Grown Hearts Academy

My daughters absolutely loved hearing the stories and my youngest daughters favorite activity was coloring the characters . . . I loved this activity and felt that it gave my daughters the opportunity to list some things that were bothering them and also lead to discussions on fixing issues and being kind to each other.

From Heather @ A Nurse’s Wildflowers

The Virtue cards have many ideas to help get the point across. For instance, on the perseverant card, it suggests having the family avoid saying “I can’t” for the whole day or playing a game of hide and seek. The teachable moments suggestions are very doable and take only very little prep before hand. Many didn’t take any prep at all. This is great for busy moms or working homeschool moms.

From Kristina @ School Time Snippets

The one thing I especially appreciate about the program is the box, “What to say after “I’m Sorry” on the Parenting Cards . . . This box gave us the chance to expand on why they were sorry by including the unacceptable behavior and saying that they CAN change their behavior.

From Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys

I was pleasantly surprised to see that We Choose Virtues parenting cards and download bundle are MORE THAN ENOUGH to make the program fun and valuable for my children.

From Kayla at Shut the Fridge

We joked and teased about words, but not in a mean or bullying kind of way. Internally, we all took them very seriously…..even down to V-girl who just needed a gentle reminder about her word every now and then. Towards the end of the review period, she was reminding me when she was being obedient…..just in case I didn’t notice! I did.

From Erica @ Be the One

I thought it was very helpful to have the “I’m sorry” box on the back of each card. Though children may try really hard to practice their virtues, often they forget or fall short, because they are immature and just learning. I thought it was a wonderful idea to prepare them ahead of time that there will be moments when they will fail to hit the mark, and how to handle that.


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