Reading with Phonograms and Cursive Handwriting (Logic of English Review)

Logic of English offers an approach to reading instruction that is based on the fact that 98% of English words can be understood if the student learns just 74 basic phonograms and 30 spelling rules. It teaches reading, spelling, and writing all at the same time using multisensory activities that appeal to all types of learners. Some … Read more

Integrating Cursive Handwriting with Art and History (Classical Conversations Prescripts Review)

Classical Conversations is perhaps best known for its nation-wide network of communities to help parents provide their children with a Christian classical education. Begun in 1997 with 11 students, it has grown to over 36,000 students in 35 states, 5 countries and 3 continents.  The organization has recently published a new handwriting series called PreScripts.  … Read more

Spotlight on the Crew — Cursive Handwriting

{This week’s Spotlight on the Crew article is brought to you from Jennifer, at  a glimpse of our life.  A friend recently shared that when she took her son for his driver’s license permit, she noticed that he printed his name on the signature line. Cursive was not prioritized with him, so he was unable to use … Read more

Printable Activities for Every Subject!

This article is in collaboration with Super Teachers Worksheets. Worksheets are a fantastic way to supplement a child’s learning, but looking for quality worksheets can be a daunting and exhausting task. Super Teachers Worksheets provides a vast array of printable activities for students in PreK thru Grade 5. Becoming a member of Super Teachers Worksheets … Read more

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