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Schoolside Press is the publisher of The Little Man in the Map.  I have been hearing about this  book for some time, but never actually got to see it.  UNTIL NOW, that is!  The Little Man in the Map is a beautiful hardbound book that will help your children learn US geography in very little time.  I’ve never seen a book quite like it.  I love books for children that are set to rhyming verse; so The Little Man in the Map was not a disappointment.

Each member of the Homeschool Crew (including alternates) received a copy of The Little Man in the Map, so I won’t bore you all with my assessment of the book.  Instead, we’ll let the Crew share their thoughts with you……

    • Penny says: My 11-year-old raced through the book the day it arrived, smiling and giggling all the way through it, turning the book so that I could see illustrations she thought were especially clever.
    • Zindra says: This is a book that I will continue to use with my children because it is a fun, painless way to learn US geography! It is a fantastic book that is superbly illustrated.
    • RegeniaS says: I love that it is in picture book format, taking just minutes to read and enabling older kids to use it as a tool for memorization. It is a book which when read over and over can only enrich your education of US geography in a delight filled way.

Also, feel free to drop by Schoolside Press’s website where you can download some great coloring pages based on The Little Man in the Map.  And, for even more fun, check out the author’s blog – Frogs Jump USA.

14 thoughts on “Schoolside Press – The Little Man in the Map”

  1. I love this unique picture book designed to teach kids US Geography. It is a wonderful tool which can be used over and over again.

    Micah, age 11, says, "When you see all the pictures in your mind you think, oh yeah, that's the mitten that is Michigan or that's MIM's face which is Iowa".

  2. We really enjoyed this book. I'll never look at a map of the U.S. quite the same again. Even the little ones were getting it and could put a floor puzzle together rather quickly just by remembering the clues. What a concept.

  3. My daughter is four years old and soaked up the mnemonics in this book without any problem. As soon as we had finished the story, she identified several states with very few prompts from me!

  4. but happy! this was a great book, and one that required NO EFFORT on my teaching-momma's-part to teach my kids a useful (big!) bit of information! fun reading and a definite keeper. be sure to visit the site for downloads and info!

  5. "Magic Nation" is my wife's way of saying, "imagination" when talking with the little ones. What an apt bit of advice for this creative approach to learning the 50 states. Without an interactive reading with your child, this book can fall flat. When you read it the way it was meant to be read, it can be a fun and "memorable" experience.


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