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The Homeschool Crew will be reviewing Rime to Read – a new website/service available to any parent who is teaching young children to read.  Here is what Rime to Read has to say about their product:

Rime to Read is an innovative, exciting, 20 book set created for beginning readers.   We developed and self-published Rime to Read to fill what we perceived to be a dramatic void in up to date materials for teaching young children to read. We are a team of three women , a Learning Specialist (Ph.D), a Reading Teacher (M.S.) and an illustrator. We have no previous business experience, but because of the effectiveness of our product, we sold out of our first print run of 2000 sets. Since then, we decided to change with the times and now offer our books VIRTUALLY. Customers on our website have 2 choices after purchasing our books. They can read the books on their computer monitors, or print them out at home if they prefer hard copies.

 The response to the series from parents, teachers and children has been overwhelming. The following qualities make this product so unique and effective:
§     The program is tightly structured to insure success for first time readers, as well as older students needing remedial work.
§     The program uses color to support discrimination and reading of individual word patterns (i.e. fat, cat, rat…) also called rimes, chunks or word families.
§     The program uses illustrations to develop rather than simply reflect the story line, resulting is delightful, humorous stories which are very appealing in spite of their controlled vocabulary.
There are very few products  that actually teach reading.  Instead, there are many leveled readers, which provide reading practice rather than instruction.  With Rime To Read, every single word is taught.
Not only are children successful as readers of Rime to Read, they love reading the books.


  • Tinab says: I have been very pleased with Rime to Read. I’m excited that my daughter has finally read something! The books are short enough to keep her attention, yet long enough for her to have success at reading.

  • Denice says: I like their simple, yet effective, approach. . . . I am definitely going to be using them with my youngest!

  • Penny says: The Rime To Read stories have been wonderful assets for us as we sit down together and really read the text.



The Crew shares their reviews of Rime to Read with you here.  Please feel free to check out the website for yourself while you’re waiting for our reviews.

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  1. These were cute little readers. They reminded me a lot of the Bob books we used years ago. The nice thing about these is that you can print them out again if you lose or damage them!

  2. This is an interactive product, which combines phonics with sight words, to help an emerging reader learn to read easy-to-read books that are based on rimes, or word families. It has a feature where the child can point the cursor to the new word, click, and the word will be provided, to help the child until the child is able to read fluidly without help.


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