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Have you ever heard of Queen Homeschool Supplies before? I had not heard of it until last year when I was searching for new curriculum for my little guys. My SIL mentioned that she has used the company before and loved their science books. So, I had to check it out for myself.

Queen Homeschool Supplies has won many awards over the last few years for their wonderful books and curriculum for homeschoolers. The company started back in 1994 when homeschooling mom Sandi Queen began publishing some of her own handwritten books. Queen Homeschool Supplies are inspired by a Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling with a strong Christian perspective.

After perusing the website for several hours, I decided to talk to my husband about what I had found. I told him about the science books first. My boys LOVE science and nature and anything involving the outdoors. These sweet books were just the ticket. Here is a link to check out the many different options for science at Queen Homeschool Supplies. I chose to start with Discovering Nature Series: A Nature Walk With Aunt Bessie by Sandi Queen, stories by B. E. Wright. It is priced at $34.95 and I think that is a great deal for what you get. It comes with a full year of lessons that are all written out for you. There are science experiments as well as little stories about God sprinkled throughout each lesson.

In A Nature Walk With Aunt Bessie, brother and sister Harry and Annie go to their Aunt Bessie’s house for a visit. During the visit, Aunt Bessie takes the children all around her garden, home, and surrounding areas and teaches them about insects, animals, and nature. Along the way, Harry and Annie get to do experiments with their Aunt and love every minute of their visit.

There were so many choices and I look forward to getting a new science book for the boys in the fall. I also bought a math book for my six year old son, Bear. It is called Math Lessons for a Living Education. It has been discontinued. I am so sad about that because my son loved the lessons and the stories that went along with each one. Queen Homeschool Supplies offers a number of different math books that are new and very well done.

The final item that I ordered was Language Lessons For Little Ones: Volume 1. This is the coolest book because it not only covers language arts (ABC’s, handwriting) but also covers poetry and artist lessons. You go through the alphabet and practice handwriting throughout the book In between each of those lessons are a different poem, short story, or painting. The child is asked questions about each one and may also draw a picture of things that the topic represents to them. The lessons are very short and can be done in five minutes or less for most of them. We actually did a few lessons each day because my kids loved the book so much. We finished it early and moved on to other subjects.

There are so many other books on the website. Some of the other subjects covered include Bible lessons, Vocabulary, Spelling, History, Geography, Character Building, and Natural Health. They also offer books for parents and other resources to guide you on your homeschooling journey. Sandi Queen is also a Certified Holistic Wellness Professional and a Certified Aromatouch Technique Techinician. She sells essential oils and other natural products on her website as well as e-books to go along with them.

I highly recommend checking out Queen Homeschool Supplies for your homeschooling needs. They also have a Facebook page that can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/68621273112/ .

Please check them out and let me know what you think by commenting below. I will be using some of their books next school year for all of my boys and I couldn’t be happier.

Kristy is a SAHM to three little boys and has been married for over 10 years. She loves to read, blog, sew, quilt, and take walks with her family. She loves Jesus and telling others about His love.

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  1. I use a lot of Queen material and love it all! From language lessons, to handwriting, to copy work, the lessons are simple, short, and easy to use. I would definitely recommend any of their material!:)


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