Are you looking for ways to teach your children through creative play?  Then Puppetools might be just what you are looking for.

Check out the Puppetools Mission Statement: OUR MISSION is to open the door to sweeping change in education by advancing the principle of play in teaching and learning. The world still looks to America for inventive social, economic, and technological solutions. Once, America’s gift to itself –and to the world–was a bold new experiment in political freedom. America’s next gift–again for itself and for the world– can and must be a bold new leap in education.

This is their message to parents (and I’m taking the liberty of adding homeschooling parents to this also): PARENTS: Puppetools shows parents how play is nature’s way to build great ‘first teachers’ who can help kids become enthusiastic and resilient learners in a not-so-smart school culture. Our schools do not always actively engage parents to become meaningful and effective partners in the education of their children. We’re not talking about parents spending hours with their children chained to homework or volunteering on the now nearly-extinct field trips or raising funds. We’re talking about parents remaining the child’s first and most important teacher in life.


  • April says: If you’re looking for ways to grab the attention of your visual students, to inspire your kinesthetic students, to help your children explore their own creativity, or to help them use puppets in their presentations … then check out Puppetools!


  • Wendy says: Puppets naturally diminish the defenses of children. Most children get excited when you set out to make puppets and enjoy them for hours to come after they have been made.


  • Bethany says: Puppetools is an excellent resource to help the creativity-challenged homeschool parent engage her children through play in order to facilitate more effective learning.

So, go check out Puppetools and see how you can make learning fun in your home.  The Crew will be sharing their thoughts on this website below:

10 thoughts on “Puppetools”

  1. Interesting tool, reading the research was fascinating. I can see how this could be practically applied in homeschool, co-op, or other group learning situations.

  2. Would be very good reading for one who is not familiar with the concept that the current public classroom has both a decided agenda and a lack of effectiveness.


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