Cadron Creek

Cadron Creek has come to be known for it’s excellent unit study curriculum guides.  Their first study, the Prairie Primer, has won awards.  It has been followed up byFurther Up and Further In (a study of the Narnia books) and Where the Brook & River Meet (based on Anne of Green Gables). A select number … Read more

Motherboard Books

There are just some subjects that are harder for homeschool parents to teach than others.  Of course, those subjects are going to vary from parent to parent, from home to home.  I’ve mentioned before that science is one of the harder subjects for me to teach.  Another of those would be computer science.  Let’s face … Read more

Time 4 Learning – website/service

Rather than try to explain this one, I’m going to copy and paste some information I received from Jennifer at Time 4 Learning – including what Time 4 Learning is and a very information FAQ:   What is Time4Learning? Time4Learning is an online educational program consisting of math and language arts curriculums from preschool through … Read more

Media Angels – The Missing Link: FOUND

This article is in collaboration with Media Angels. Media Angels is a “company dedicated to serving the needs of Christian parents, students, and teachers.”   At Media Angels, you can expect to find plenty of Creation Science materials, as well as many books. The Homeschool Review Crew has received a copy of the first book in … Read more

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