June Home School Round Up

Wow we’re half way through the crazy year of 2020! Welcome to the June edition of the Homeschool Collection from the Crew. Today we have twelve homeschooling Mom’s looking forward to sharing their wisdom and insights with you. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy a few moments with us. During the month … Read more

Homeschool Review Crew 2018 Blue Ribbon Awards

We have had a fun, inspiring and educationally full year with many incredible companies sharing their products with our team! Since the inception of the Homeschool Review Crew, we have taken time at the end of the Crew year to vote for our favorite products in a number of different Blue Ribbon categories. As many … Read more

Learning About Science Collections Reviews

This articke is in collaboration with WriteBonnieRose. WriteBonnieRose is a website authored by Bonnie Rose Hudson. Bonnie is a writer who had never been homeschooled and had no children. And yet, somehow she found herself in the world of homeschoolers and became incredibly passionate about the homeschool market. “My heart’s desire,” Bonnie writes on her … Read more

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