Middlebury Interactive Languages Giveaway — 5 winners!

Hola – Bonjour – Hallo – Ni Hao   from Middlebury Interactive Languages – foreign language learning for all grades! This immersive approach will captivate your children, and have them excited to learn a new language, in the most user friendly, and effective manner.

Recently, members of the Crew reviewed Middlebury and it won our Blue Ribbon Award for Favorite Foreign Language Curriculum! In today’s giveaway, 5 of you will have the opportunity to win your choice of foreign language courses offered by Middlebury.

Middlebury Interative Languages Giveaway


This program offers full semester courses for grades K-12. All levels are self-paced, so the student can speed ahead or slow down as needed.

By accessing Middlebury’s course offerings in Spanish, French, German, &  Chinese, your student will encounter real-world reading, writing, listening and speaking activities in a colorful, engaging, and memorable digital format.


Scroll down to enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below. But first, read what a few of our Crew members had to say about Middlebury.

From Munchkin and Bean

Each unit is based on an authentic fable, myth or legend from a Spanish-speaking culture. If you’re taking a fully immersion approach, you could also combine this course with Spanish-themed unit studies, learning more about these legends, the people who believe them and where they are located in the world.

From Raising a Self Reliant Child

I would highly recommend Middlebury Interactive Languages for anyone seeking a kid-friendly, self-paced, fun program for children. And if you feel you need a real teacher for help or just to practice conversation, Middlebury Interactive offers that option too.

From Special Needs Homeschooling

Middlebury Interactive Languages is a true foreign language arts learning program. Your child will learn the language, get to know the country, and have a fun time learning. This method of teaching was easy to memorize and really incorporate the learning in to a functional ready to use skill.

From Through the Calm and Through the Storm

Addison found the direct grammar instruction that clearly taught Chinese sentence structure to be very helpful. She learned that Chinese sentences follow a specific pattern of subject, time, place, verb, and object. She’s now confident that she can piece together the vocabulary she knows to form a coherent Chinese sentence.

From Footprints in the Butter

The learning proceeds with a combination of approaches that seems to really work well. There are conversations to figure out, matching games, opportunities to select the appropriate word fill-in-the-blank style, opportunities to type in words, opportunities to record yourself speaking, direct teaching of grammar (or other) concepts, and each unit has a culture focus as well.

From The Mommy Journey

With the step by step procedure every lesson, I am confident that with the consistent usage of the program, my daughter will be able to speak basic Chinese words and understand them as well after one semester

From There Will Be a $5 Charge for Whining

One bonus (that I really, really appreciated) with this course is the culture and historical aspects we learn along the way. We even get to practice with maps. 

From Chickens, Bunnies, and Homeschool

As soon as we logged in the program grabbed Captain America’s attention. It uses a lot of cartoons and interactive features.

From Mama’s Coffee Shop

This language program will talk to you, play videos for you, record your voice for you, and then test you on everything you have read, heard, and done! Magnifique!

From Brandi Raae

The program uses an interactive, immersion approach that concentrates primarily on vocabulary achievement although grammar principles can be understood through the various stories, songs, and activities. Your child’s initial exposure to the German language is truly easy and fun.

Five winners will each receive their choice of one foreign language course offered by Middlebury, a $119 value.

To enter the giveaway, use the Rafflecopter below. Residents of the U. S., age 18 and older.  Other terms and conditions can be found in the Rafflecopter.

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