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Are you new to homeschooling?  Are you considering homeschooling but don’t think you could do it?  Don’t let your doubts keep you from doing something that you are being called to do!  You CAN do this – and there is so much help out there for new homeschoolers.  Right here at HSB, you can find a wealth of information from seasoned homeschoolers who are anxious to share about their experiences.

But, here’s something even more personal — Terri Johnson from Knowledge Quest has created an online e-course JUST FOR YOU!  You will receive a full 6 months of weekly classes, delivered right to your e-mail inbox.  What could  be simpler?  A personalized class that you can take right in the comfort of your own home!  This course will work through the homeschooling basics – all the way from A to Z. 

Some of the things you can expect to learn during this course are:

  • Determine your philosophy of education
  • Understand your children’s learning styles
  • Learn the in’s and out’s of buying and selling curriculum
  • Find out how to get and stay organized
  • Learn how to teach multiple ages at the same time
  • Make the most of field trips
  • How to handle the "S" question – socialization
  • How to start each day WELL and keep it going that way
  • Get hundreds of dollars of free curriculum

If you are wondering what a class like this might cost, I’ll tell you – it’s only $10 per month (that works out to $2.30 per class).  If you think that’s too much for the classes alone, you will also be receiving 10 awesome bonus gifts AND over $250 worth of homeschooling curriculum (over the course of the 6 month class).

  • Shannon R says: "One of the things I really REALLY liked about this course is that it was MUCH less intimidating than reading the ‘Guides to Homeschooling’ that are available in the market, and not full of all the “perfect homeschool – lookitus” mentality that can downright discourage a new homeschooler . . . . Instead, it’s a PRACTICAL, HANDS-ON, WALK-YOU-THROUGH-IT-IN-BITE-SIZED-CHUNKS kind of encouragement."

  • April says: "I wish I’d had this class when I first began to homeschool. It would have saved me so much stress and frustration. It would have helped me remember why I was homeschooling, and not become focused on the wrong things . . . .I definitely will be recommending Homeschooling ABC’s to anyone who asks me about homeschooling."

  • Kim Kovach says: "The information is so simple and easy to follow and truly works to make your homeschool easier and more enjoyable. Yeah!! Count on 26 weeks of ongoing encouragement which even us "veterans" need. Some of the lessons have many links to click on and explore various curriculums, etc. AND, FREEBIE LINKS are included which are always fun."

Our TOS Homeschool Crew (made up of both new and seasoned homeschoolers from all walks of life) will  be taking this course and sharing their experiences and opinions with you.  If this sounds like something you could benefit from, but you’re just not sure about the investment (of time and money), then be sure to check back here over the next few weeks & months to read their thoughts. 

Mr. Linky is in place for CREW MEMBERS ONLY.  Crew – please sign with a direct link to your review of the Homeschooling ABC’s Class by Knowledge Quest.

19 thoughts on “Knowledge Quest – Homeschooling ABC's Class”

  1. I know that it has taken me YEARS to get to a place where I feel like I know *roughly* what I'm doing… and still, I'm learning more. How THOUGHTFUL of Terri to have taken her precious time to put together this course for those just starting out (or for bobo veterans like me! LOL!). Fantastic!!!

  2. This is great for newbies and also helpful to veterans. The encouragement is wonderful. Terri has given great links, too.

  3. Let's see if this link is direct. Terri has done a great job addressing the questions and needs of newbies in the homeschooling world. I love the conciseness of her work. Even us veterans can be encouraged and learn from her lessons.

  4. Where was Terri when I first began homeschooling lots of years ago?! WOW I am impressed with these classes. Way to go, Terri. Thank you…the homeschooling world can surely use this.

  5. The class is actually only $10 per month for *five* months, making the total just $50, less then $2 per lesson!

    Great Product! Thanks Heidi,

  6. This is great for newbies and also helpful to veterans. The encouragement is wonderful. Terri has given great links, too and lots of Freebies!

    Edited by jesmicwilmom on Nov. 16, 2008 at 11:08 PM

  7. This is wonderful tool for the beginner. It would be an excellent gift to give a friend who is just starting their adventure in homeschooling.

  8. I think this is such a fabulous idea! More and more people are considering homeschool but have no idea where to start–I think the ABC's is a great place to make a start. 🙂

  9. This is a great "how-to-homeschool" product for new homeschoolers, or even those who have been at it awhile and are struggling or fighting burnout.

  10. I hope Terri is out on the curriculum fair circuit as a speaker. The info was well presented and informative even for a family with 20 years of homeschooling behind them.


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