Kinderbach is a wonderful world filled with music perfectly fitting the young musicians in your family. The crew has been given trial subscriptions to explore this fascinating world with their young musicians over the coming months. Make sure you read about their adventures through music with Dodi and Frisco and all the gang.



Who’s Dodi? Who’s Frisco? Well, Dodi is a stuffed donkey who happens to be the best friend of a little boy named Frisco. Frisco loves music and shares all the fun and learning with his friends. Together they learn about pitch, rhythm, timing, and all kinds of musical fun. Your child can come along and learn by doing. By doing, I mean playing, and by playing, I mean playing music on any piano from the very first day with Dodi and Frisco!


Little musicians will learn by moving and doing not just sitting and watching. Little minds, little fingers, and little bodies can explore the world of music in a way they can understand the basics of what can be very complex concepts. Those basics can help some grow into fine musicians, but the most important thing is all can learn that music is for enjoyment and will enrich their lives.


Read the crew’s adventures with Kinderbach and find out how you can bring the world of music to your little stars.

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Special thanks to First Mate Renée Walker from Wynfield’s Musings and DeafBlind Hope for writing this post.

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