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Last year, I shared with you about my book obsession, and how I like to feed it by buying used books.  This year, I’d like to share with you about my local library . . .

I hear so many homeschooling parents talking about how wonderful the library is, how they spend so much time there, etc. etc. etc.  Well, my story is quite different.  The few times we’ve tried going to the library for a resource we need for our homeschooling, they have never had it!  Recently, we decided to try a library in a college town, thinking it would be much more well-stocked that our small town library.  Still, it was a disappointment.  And, I have this issue with libraries always expecting me to return the books anyway.  We book lovers tend to be a bit selfish with our books.

Am I alone?  I can’t help it.  I WANT books and I want to KEEP them.  I want to BUILD my HOMESCHOOL LIBRARY.  That’s where Homeschool Library Builder comes in. You can learn a bit more about Homeschool Library Builder by reading this post or by visiting their website

Homeschool Library Builder has a very special promotion going on this month.  How does 20% off the entire store sound to you?  Good books at great prices PLUS a discount?!  Sounds good to me!  Also, if you make a donation to Heartline Ministries (serving Haiti), you will get a coupon code to save an additional 15% off on Super Bowl Sunday.  See details here.

What does the Homeschool Crew think of Homeschool Library Builder?  Let’s find out:

13 thoughts on “Homeschool Library Builder”

  1. They have a great website, easy to follow, great payment options, ship APO!!! (FANTASTIC), and have AWESOME prices!! I will now check HSLB for anything else…

    Jessica S. @ A Mother of Action

  2. While you might not always find what you are looking for, this is a GREAT place to bookmark and visit as they get new and used stuff in all the time!

  3. You can even search using your favorite Literature Based Curriculum as a criteria – very well organized site and reasonably priced books!

  4. I think the company is doing an excellent job and it is almost a one stop shop for book finds!

    Julie K at Training for Eternity


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