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One of my very  favorite places in all the world is a little used bookstore that we go to at the beach.  I love it so much because I LOVE BOOKS and, let’s face it, BOOKS ARE EXPENSIVE!  There is no way that I can afford to support my book addiction without purchasing used books sometimes.  I feel the same way about our homeschooling.  There are often products that I would love to try, or books that I’d love to add to our homeschool library; but purchasing them at NEW prices is just not feasible. 

If you can relate to any of what I said in the paragraph above, then I think you will greatly benefit from a new website that the Crew will be reviewing/introducing over the next several weeks.  Homeschool Library Builder is a service created by 2 homeschooling moms.  Their goal is to provide fellow homeschoolers (and others) with a place to find affordable literature for their educational needs.

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Here is a list of services that are offered on the website:

·         Books.  We offer new and gently used books for all ages at affordable prices, giving others an opportunity to build their own home library.  We stock titles used in literature-based curricula (Sonlight, Tapestry of Grace, Ambleside, Five in a Row, Beautiful Feet, and others), as well as those useful for unit studies for all interests and grade levels.

·         Book Search. If a customer needs an out-of-stock book or a title we’ve not previously carried, we are happy to search for it. 

·         Fundraising.  We know from experience how tiresome and time consuming fundraisers can be.  Our fundraising program is designed for ease so that neither money nor orders are taken by the organization itself.  We provide everything needed for a successful fundraiser, including marketing materials. 

·         Product Marketing.  Wow!  Marketing is expensive!  For a small company like HSLB or others who want to launch a newly-created product or service, purchasing ad space in magazines or on the internet oftentimes just isn’t an option. The HSLB Market Place offers the opportunity to get the word out about a “homegrown” product or service through our website as well as our monthly online newsletter.  This is a free service offered to our HSLB members.

·         Spotlight on the Season.  We preview and select sites for the current season or holiday, so our customers can eliminate searching and filtering, and enjoy that special time of year with their children.  We also provide links to some of our favorite homeschool resources.

·         Helping Hand.   Through the Helping Hand program we have had the opportunity to raise money for those in need, such as a young autistic boy living near the Alaskan wilderness who needed a service dog, or the victims from the Chinese earthquakes or the Gulf hurricanes.  We have a specially designated category of books whereby all money goes to helping others.  Oftentimes HSLB matches the amount raised for a particular cause.

·         Frequent Buyer Program.  When a customer becomes an HSLB member (free of charge, of course!) we offer incentive programs through our book points program.  Fifteen book points equals one dollar for use toward future purchases.  These points never expire. Points can be earned a number of ways:

  1. Purchasing Books (one book point is earned for every dollar spent on books)
  2. Referring friends to HSLB
  3. Linking HSLB’s Website from the Customer’s Website or Blog

So, you see, Homeschool Library Buider really has a lot to offer.  I’d encourage you to look around the site and see for yourself. 

  • NerdFamily Things says: This site rocks! They have all kinds of books including many that are homeschool necessities. They also have some out of print books and ex-library copies. The site has a revolving inventory so they may not have every book you want and you need to check the condition (they carry both new and used books) of the books but the deals and customer service make up for it.
  • Lis P says: Now, this isn’t an ordinary online bookstore with a huge stock of books. What it IS filled with are treasures unearthed by Julie and Gayla’s experienced eyes, just waiting for you to pick them up. I will mention that I just scrolled through 33 pages of AWARD winning books, and was amazed at some of the titles I had never seen, and at the very reasonable prices. . . . As homeschoolers, we can all appreciate the opportunity to save a bit of money, and still provide our children with excellent reading material.
  • Jen says: Homeschool Library Builder satisfies both my taste for great books and great deals, so I love it!

The Crew will be sharing links to their posts here on the Mr. Linky:

23 thoughts on “Homeschool Library Builder – website/service”

  1. Great site – now if I can only get the books from my shopping cart to the check out……LOL How is it as soon as I get them in the cart somebody distracts me and I forget all about it, then someone else comes along and closes down the computer losing it all? LOL Eventually, I'll order some Christmas presents….

  2. I'm looking forward to making some Christmas purchases here this weekend! Thanks for the opportunity to review your service!

  3. Loved, loved, loved this on-line store for ease of shopping and and wonderful bargains on beloved books for all my curriculum needs. Great for the literature based homeschooling family!

  4. I know that I signed Mr. Linky when I was done with this review, but I can't find myself anywhere! Oh well, I loved the site! I can't wait to get my order from there, and order more in the future!!

  5. Homeschool Library Builder is exactly what it says- a great way to build your homeschool library without breaking your budget. They have great books ranging from Christian fiction to classic literary works and offer a number of ways to save money while adding high quality literature to your homeschool library.


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