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Guardian Angels Publishing is a company that publishes both print books and e-books (and their books are also available on CD).  They have picture books, early readers, easy readers, storybooks, and chapter  books for children ages 0-12.  As a matter of fact, Guardian Angel is the publisher of TOS’ very own Splish book – And Then Mama Said … It Takes Time to Learn to Read

The Crew has received several e-books from Guardian Angel to review:

Hamster Holidays: Noun and Adjective Adventures of The Pet Grammar Parade Series
A troupe of hamsters celebrate a year of hare-brained holidays in their unique hamster style. The book highlights nouns and adjectives on each page, as well as exploring opposites. Activity pages include scrambled words, match-up and crossword puzzles—plus much more. Grammar becomes fun and games with hamster helpers.

No Bones About It: The Sum of Our Parts Series
Learning the bones in the human body can be a challenge for anyone. Using this clever learning tool in rhyme may be just what you’ve been looking for, no bones about it. You’ll be amazed at how fast you will be able to learn them from head to toe.  Study the bones, find fun factoids, take the quiz, discover the mystery bones.

Gifts from God

GIFTS FROM GOD celebrates God’s loving gifts to each child. Glorious color photographs highlighting children and nature accompany each gift. Every double-page spread has an easy reader sentence on the right and a scripture quotation on the left making this an enjoyable and uplifting book for both children and adults. 31 pages to delight young and old!

Andy and Spirit Go To The Fair

Andy and Spirit’s world expands as they grow together and experience things neither would have had the opportunity to do alone.  The two become heroes to each other as they meet and accomplish challenges Andy never thought possible before the two of them became a team. 10 illustrations, 2100 word storybook, 24 pages.
Three extra pages of activities about 4-H and wild horse management.

Earthquake! (honorable mention at the 2009 Green Book Festival)
This book about Earthquakes empowers your kids with information and preparedness. What causes earthquakes? Can we predict them? How are earthquakes measured? How do we prepare for them? There are lots of fun factoids and a few experiments. (Learn how to make your own seiche.) What was the biggest earthquake? Find out here.

Rainbow Sheep (a national award winner 2009 Eppie)
Genevieve is a little shepherdess with a big imagination. When she finds a sad pale rainbow, she tells him funny stories until he cries happy tears and his colors return. Genevieve’s sheep are caught in the colorful rain of tears and become the “Rainbow Sheep.” 24 pages, 17 fiber art illustrations. Four full instructional pages of Felting for Fun fiber activities for kids!

Stubby’s Destiny
(a national award winner Best of 2008 award for literary excellence )
“Stubby’s Destiny” is an inspirational story about a defeated donkey, Stubby, who feels he was born wrong. He was just about to give up when divine destiny tapped him on the shoulder. He was chosen to carry the King of Kings upon his back. “Stubby’s Destiny” will bring hope to hurting children who feel their situation is hopeless.

Be sure to check out the GAP website to view their full line of books and come back here and read the Crew’s reviews.

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  1. There are lots of books available from this vendor. You can find something to fit your family from Guardian Angel Publishing.


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