Blog Cruise – Homeschool Organization

Homeschoolers are unique in so many ways.  We all like to do things a little differently, and each has his or her own sense of organization.  Just the topic of Homeschool Organization can get a bunch of homeschoolers chatting it up. This week’s Blog Cruise question is, How do you organize your homeschool?   Our Crew … Read more

Blog Cruise – Nature Studies

Exploring God’s Creation is a wonderful way to spend our time as homeschoolers.  Wherever we live, there is beauty and creatures all around just waiting to be explored and studied. Join us this week as TOS Crew Members answer this week’s Blog Cruise question, How do you do nature studies where YOU live?  I encourage … Read more

Blog Cruise – Free Time

For this week’s Blog Cruise,  we asked our TOS Crewmates to share their thoughts on the topic of Free Time, and asked them, How do you find free time? Is it okay to take time for yourself? If so, how? Finding free time can be challenging for a parent that homeschools. We each get the same … Read more

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