This article is in collaboration with Schleich. Crew reviewers received a sample from Schleich’s World of Nature Wildlife and Farmlife collections. As you look up specific animals at the Schleich website, you can learn more about them such as their “fun facts” like the Przewalski’s horse is the only “wild” horse left on the planet. … Read more

Salem Ridge Press

This article is in collaboration with Salem Ridge Press. Established in 2005, Salem Ridge Press is a family-owned publishing company dedicated to introducing wholesome children’s literature from the 1800’s and early 1900’s to a new generation of readers. Each title is carefully selected for republication based on the standards set forth in Philippians 4:8: “Finally, … Read more

SAT Word Power Book 1 Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Vocabulary Cartoons. Truculent: Adjective meaning “inclined toward conflict; eager to fight.” Now repeat this fifty times and write it down another fifty and maybe you’ll remember it when it’s time for the SAT. That was the way I would practice vocabulary words anyway.  Dull and sometimes ineffective. Truculent (TRUH … Read more

Math Tutor DVD Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Math Tutor DVD. Math Tutor DVDs are designed to help students succeed in Math. This award winning company guarantees results, offers the #1 selling Math DVDs and is used in libraries and schools. TOS Crew members received 2 DVDs for review: 1. Pre-Algebra Volume 1 Total Run Time 5 … Read more

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