Read, Write & Type by Talking Fingers, Inc. Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Talking Fingers. As homeschooling parents, it can be a blessing to live in this day and age where software is so readily available to help you teach your child everything and anything they need to know. But sometimes it can be hard to find quality software, and it is … Read more

Lanschool Technologies Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Lanschool Technologies. Recent technological advances have allowed the homeschool environment to go places where it’s never gone before. They have enabled homeschools to run more efficiently, and yet more challenging at times too. Lanschool Technologies has developed a program to help aid teachers and parents with the use of … Read more

Word Power Made Easy Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Vocabulary Cartoons. Expanding an individual’s vocabulary is most meaningful when learning new words in context.  Memorizing definitions outside of context is difficult.  Memorizing lists of words and definitions can add up to little more than struggle and failure. New Monic Books uses an enjoyable and entertaining approach to learning … Read more


This article is in collaboration with Schleich. Crew reviewers received a sample from Schleich’s World of Nature Wildlife and Farmlife collections. As you look up specific animals at the Schleich website, you can learn more about them such as their “fun facts” like the Przewalski’s horse is the only “wild” horse left on the planet. … Read more

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