Blog Cruise – How Do I Know What to Teach?

So, you’ve decided you’re going to homeschool. How do you decide what curriculum to use? How do you know what your child should know? Is there a list somewhere? What about gaps? Or maybe you’re not new to homeschooling, but you’re entering a new “season” of homeschooling. This question is one that every homeschooler will … Read more

The Crew's Newest Adventure – the BLOG CRUISE

Recently, the TOS Homeschool Crew decided to set sail on a new adventure – the BLOG CRUISE.  The Blog Cruise will be a weekly "carnival", hosted right here on our blog (and on our FB fan page).  Each week, we’ll have a new topic/question.  Crew members will answer these questions on their blog.  Kristen, our … Read more

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