Blog Cruise–Homeschooling in a Small Space

Homeschooling in a small space takes creativity and ingenuity.  Not everyone has a place for a school room to keep all of the books and learning in one area.  Sometimes school happens all over the house.  In this week’s Blog Cruise, TOS Crew members are discussing how they homeschool in a small space.  We hope you enjoy this week’s Cruise, and encourage you to click through the links to read through the blog posts.  Thank you to our Crew members for joining us this week!


SisterTipster @ Telln’ It! says SisterT’s Talking About HSing in the SMALL Places!

Laura O in AK @ Day by Day in Our World writes Tight Quarters Present Challenges.

April E. @ ElCloud Homeschool:  Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet asks Homeschooling Sardines?

Christine @ Our Homeschool Reviews shares Schooling in Small Spaces.

Michelle @ A Life Better Than I Deserve says Help!  Not Only DO My Kids Get Writer’s Cramp, But My Entire House is Completely Cramped!

Debbie @ Debbie’s Digest details Our Semi-Detached Home and School.

And, finally in my post, I write Crunched!

We hope you enjoy this week’s Cruise, be sure to join us next week when our TOS Crewmates answer the question, “If you didn’t homeschool, what would you DREAM of doing?”


This post was written by Jodi who blogs at The Homeschool Desk.

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