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Have you been looking for a way to boost your child’s mental math skills?  If so, then you need look no further than Barnum Software and their program called The Quarter Mile Math. Not only does The Quarter Mile Math help boost your child’s math skills and confidence, but it does so in a way that is fun and rewarding for your child.  Though it is considered to be a “core curriculum” math program, your child will think that he is playing a game rather that doing “boring” math problems.  Hence, learning is disguised as fun!

While using The Quarter Mile Math, your child will “race” to the finish line in races covering a huge range of math topics. The neat thing about The Quarter Mile is that, unlike most educational games or learning programs where you child might race against another child or the computer, your child is actually racing against his/her own past race times (which is motivation to do better and better each time).

The Quarter Mile Math program is available in several different levels and in two versions (Standard and Deluxe). There are versions available for both home and school use – demos of each can be seen on the website.

Our Crew members received the Deluxe version, containing levels 1, 2, and 3. This version contains 323 topics, covering levels K – grade 9.  They will be sharing links to their reviews below.  I’d encourage a trip to the website for more detailed information.

27 thoughts on “Barnum Software / Quarter Mile Math”

  1. We had a lot of fun reviewing this product and I think it's a bargain to give it a try! My kids weren't as "obsessed" with it as their testimonials suggest, but it's worth a try to see!


  2. My kids enjoyed this a lot. They don't stick with it for long periods of time, but that's probably because of their young age. Definitely a helpful products.

  3. Better than aliens, rock music, and what not some other computer games offer. Children enjoyed racing as a way to practice math facts.

  4. This goes well with our math curriculum. The Vendor was great to work with. I'm glad I had a chance to review this. I have been hearing about for some time now.

  5. I think that this will be a times test replacement on at least a couple of days each week. I like how the levels are useful from basic skills all the way through adult!

  6. My children enjoyed racing to beat their own times, especially my 7 year old. We appreciate the opportunity to try out a worthy product.

    Kimberly @

  7. I thought this was awesome! I plan on continuing to use this as long as it holds the interest of the children. Great tool for motivation!

  8. I posted my review at Leaders in Learning last night on 8/27, but forgot to sign Mr. Linky. Oops.

    Quarter Mile was a fun program. We enjoyed reviewing it.

    BeckyJoie Oakes

  9. I forgot to sign Mr. Linky too. 🙂 My kids really enjoy this program. It's much more fun than the "flashcard" practice we had been doing.

  10. It is definitely a clever idea to use the average speed of the child from previous sessions to compete against. But a lot depends on the questions that are actually being asked. Sometimes you can get lucky and get the “easier” ones, which doesn’t really mean you have become any better.
    I’ve been fortunate to review (and have my kids play) some games that have overcome this shortcoming in really cool ways. One that I would truly recommend is


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