Daily Math & Handwriting (Print + Cursive) Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Page a Day Math. Who needs help with those math facts?  Most students need a boost sooner or later when it comes to mastering those skills before moving on to higher levels of math. Page a Day Math  understands that and wants your student’s road to fluency to be fun … Read more

New American Cursive & Traditional Logic Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Memoria Press. It is a joyful time for the crew as many of our reviewers have been deep in a classical education study with some of the best programs from Memoria Press. This review touches on some of the newer programs from this incredible company that is working hard … Read more

The Art of Cursive & Quick Start Cursive Reviews

This is sponsored content. Cursive writing seems to be a dying art nowadays. Our historical letters and documents, from The Constitution to family recipes, are written in cursive, so why not have our children learn to read and write in the same way? Have you tried to teach cursive on your own, and found you … Read more

CursiveLogic Review

This article is in collaboration with CursiveLogic. Do you have a desire to teach your student cursive? Is the thought daunting? CursiveLogic offers a 96-page full-color curriculum workbook containing the teacher instruction and practice pages. Four intelligent, logical lessons work through a five-step process in which students will be able to write the lowercase alphabet, … Read more

Classical Reading and Cursive Review

This article is in collaboration with Memoria Press. As a family-run classical Christian education company, Memoria Press has provided materials for homeschools and private schools since 1998. All of the Latin, logic, and classical studies produced by Memoria Press are field-tested at Highlands Latin School. Recently, members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew received the opportunity to … Read more

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