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Vocabulary SpellingCITY.com is an interactive game-based website that will help your Elementary, Middle, and High School Student with their Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing, Parts of Speech, Handwriting, Alphabetical Order

The creators of Vocabulary SpellingCITY.com offered Schoolhouse Review Members a one year premium membership to use in their homeschools.
Premium Memberships for homeschooling families are availalbe for $29.99 a year and they are for use for up to 5 children and offer following benefits and much more.

Individual Student Logins
Student assignments,
records for each student useful for IEPs & transcripts,
no paperwork saves time!
Premium Learning Activities
Engagement in learning
No Advertisements
No distractions
Grouping Students
& Lists
Simplified differentiated instruction

Visit the Vocabulary SpellingCITY website for information on Classroom or School pricing.

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    I have been using http://www.spellingcity.com in my classroom for 5 years and it is fantastic! I love being able to add my leveled lists as well as using the games such as Hang Mouse on my smartboard. It is defiantly a favorite homework activity for my students. I am super excited about their new iPad app this year.


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