Toys and Games for Homeschool

toys and games for homeschool

This week, members of the Crew share a round-up of posts with great ideas for how to add toys and games to your homeschool.


Tawnee @ Adventures in Homeschooling — Play an Educational Game or Review and Drill and Play a Game

Beth @ Ozark Ramblings — Math Facts or Fun? Why Not Both!

Heather @ Only Passionate Curiosity — Top 10 Math Manipulatives for Elementary KidsTop 10 Educational Toys for Toddlers, and Top 10 Science Toys for Kids

Laurie @ Grace-Filled Moments — Top 5 Toys and Games for Homeschooling Boys

Dusty @ To the Moon and Back — Educational Toys that Will Last from Toddler to Child

Sarah @ My Joy-Filled Life — 12 of Our Favorite Toys, Games, & Puzzles

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break — Educational Games – Even for Older Students1930s Family Game Night, and Board Games

Lexi @ Lextin Academy — Our Favorite Games

Sarah @ Delivering Grace — Maths Games for Younger Children

Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker — Games & More for a Learning Lifestyle

Tess @ Circling Through This Life — Civilize This! (Griddly Games)Yes, I know It’s a Game. It’s Still School, and Birdcage Press: Go Fish for Ancient Egypt

Michele @ Family, Faith, and Fridays — The Gaming Continues

Annette @ A Net in Time — Toys? Games? In Schooling?

Sara @ Embracing Destiny — DIY Sensory Bins for Fun and Learning

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy Homeschool — Homeschool Play

Adriana @ Homeschool Ways — 5 Things My Preschooler Learned from “Sorry”

Jennifer @ Chestnut Grove Academy — Games and Toys to Encourage Early Learning

Karen @ Tots and Me — Papa Piccolo: Kittens in the Gondola Game and W lessons with Winnie the Pooh and Watermelons

Kayla @ The Arrowood Zoo — Teaching Money The Fun Way

Jennifer @ a glimpse of our life — A Fun Side of Homeschool ~ Toys and Games

Marcy @ Ben and Me5 Ways to Make Teaching Math Easier, A Well-Stocked Homeschool Closet, and Just Playin’ Around


What are your favorite educational toys and games?

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