Summer Studies Round-Up

summer studies

  Lexi @ Lextin Academy — Summer Studies Jennifer @ Chestnut Grove Academy — Earth Science Unit 4 – Seasons: Summer (preK-3rd) Jennifer @ Chestnut Grove Academy — Fun Summer Holidays to Celebrate Michele @ Family, Faith, and Fridays — Summer School- Seriously? Leah @ As We Walk Along the Road — Fun Ideas for Summer Homeschooling Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break — The Benefits of Summer School Dawn @ Double O Farms — Learning in the Summer Lori @ At Home: where life happens — Math and Water Balloons? Marcy @ Ben and Me — Road Trip Kentucky: 10 Summer Field Trip Ideas Marcy @ Ben Continue reading

Summer Staycation Ideas

summer staycation ideas

  Marcy @ Ben and Me — Summer Staycationing 2014 To create this post, I’ve pulled some past blog posts I’ve written about some of our favorite spots, and I’ve asked some of my blogging friends to give me links to posts they have written on the topic. I think you’ll enjoy these awesome staycation (and vacation) ideas! Sarah @ Delivering Grace — Summer Survival Time at home can be quite challenging! As a home educating mother, I’m quite tired by the holidays. In September, when my Facebook feed is taken up with friends rejoicing that they can now go Continue reading

Family Summer Time Tradition: Bucket Lists

Summer Bucket List Little Homeschool Blessings (WinCE)

  One of our family traditions includes a summer bucket lists. This is our fourth summer to put one together. The kids look forward to it and they talk about it all year long. Ever wonder how to make your own?  The list can be as simple and inexpensive or as busy and extravagant as you want. The beauty of the summer bucket list is that no matter what is on it, your family is spending time having fun together. Our summer vacation is 3 solid months~June, July and August, so we come up with about 75 ideas for 90 Continue reading

It’s Too Hot to Cook Recipes

Amy @ Bow of Bronze — Top 10 Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat Nobody likes to heat up the kitchen during the August and September heat waves here in southern California where we don’t have air conditioning. It’s perfect weather for cooking outside or just not cooking at all. Today we are sharing our favorite recipes for those days when it is just too hot to cook. LaRee @ Broad Horizons – Don’t Heat Up the Kitchen This summer I’ve been more intentional about finding meals that don’t heat the kitchen too much, since take-out all summer isn’t in Continue reading

Beating the Summer Heat

LaRee B. @ Broad Horizons — Summer School Is NOT a Dirty Word People act shocked to hear that we “do school” in the summertime, and occasionally let my children know that they are being mistreated to not get their summers “off”. Leah C. @ As We Walk Along the Road — Our Top 5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat It’s awfully hot here in the South in the summertime. Playing outside in the heat of the day doesn’t happen very often. Instead we have to think of cool, indoor things to fill our time- not just t.v. and Continue reading

Learning about Independence Day (July 4th)

photo credit I believe most of us look forward to watching fireworks on the 4th of July, but do we really remember what the importance of this day is all about? On July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted and we became our own country from Great Britain. Very exciting! That is why July 4th is called “Independence Day.” To see an actual picture of Declaration of Independence, click here. To read Declaration of Independence, click here. I have searched the web and found many different things having to do with July 4th / Independence Day. I Continue reading

Making Homeschooling through the Summer Work

You would think that suggesting we do school during the summer would make me an unpopular mommy, but truly, I did not have any problems introducing the idea to my children. We have been homeschooling through summer for a few years and it works well for our family. There are a few steps that I have taken to ensure that we have a successful summer of school during this season. Summer school isn’t a dirty word (or two words) It could just as well be called winter school or spring school, but summer school is really just school that happens Continue reading

Summer Reading for Boys

Kristi @ The Potter’s Hand Academy – Summer Reading Adventures for Boys It has been said that the definition of a boy is noise with dirt on it. That is SO true of my three! With that in mind, summertime is the realm of boys. There are adventures to be had, places to explore, and mischief to make! Crystal @ Crystal Starr Blog — Summer Reading List for Boys Boys and reading don’t always go hand-in-hand. Whether you have avid or reluctant readers here are some great choices to fill your summer reading basket. Meg @ Adventures with Jude — Continue reading

Summer Staycationing

Leah @ As We Walk Along the Road — Summer Fun at Home But vacationing with four children isn’t always easy. And it is always expensive! So we also like to “staycation” by finding fun and inexpensive things to do around home in the summer. Holly @ Possibilities and Peas – 5 Fabulous Free  Field Trips in Detroit Five fun places to go in the Detroit Area. Brittney @ Mom’s Heart — Boredom Busters — Summer Staycation Ideas Even though we moved here eight months ago, we are still feeling like there is so much to discover in our town. Continue reading

Blog Cruise — Summer Family Fun

How is your summer going? Are you homeschooling through the summer, taking a much-needed break, or something in between? However you choose to schedule your time, we hope you’re taking time for some Summer Family Fun. This week, members of the Crew are sharing with you what their families are enjoying this summer. Come along with us and be inspired to add some fun to your summer days!       Lexi @ Lextin Academy — Summer Family Fun: Our Bucket List “I’ve seen them everywhere on Pinterest.  It’s the Summer Bucket List!  So, I decided to make my own bucket Continue reading