Combining the Science of Reading with the Joy of Learning (Logic of English Review)

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Do you know why there is a Silent Final E in have, mauve, and give? English words do not end in “v”! For those of us who were educated during the “Look/Say” or “Whole Language” movements this bit of information might be a new revelation.  According to the Logic of English … [Read more...]

Reading with Phonograms and Cursive Handwriting (Logic of English Review)


  Logic of English offers an approach to reading instruction that is based on the fact that 98% of English words can be understood if the student learns just 74 basic phonograms and 30 spelling rules. It teaches reading, spelling, and writing all at the same time … [Read more...]

Online Reading Program and Games for Kids (Reading Kingdom Review 2013)

Reading Kingdom is an online reading course available for use in schools or at home to help teach children to read and help them learn to read better.  It is designed for children ages 4-10 or grades preschool through third grade as well as struggling readers who would read at … [Read more...]