Missionary Adventures! (The Brinkman Adventures Review)

brinkman adventures review

Are you up for an adventure?  Come along for the ride as  you become immersed into an adrenaline-filled journey to the bottom of Random Lake with a group of modern day missionaries, the Brinkman family. The Brinkman Adventures will take your family on a heart-pounding, exciting adventures all the while showing God’s love for everyone on earth. Based on a real life family, The Brinkman Adventures share real life events from the lives of missionaries around the world, though some stories are dramatized. In each episode, the names have been changed, but the actors/actresses play themselves. Members of the Crew Continue reading

Modern Witnesses: Meeting today’s heroes of faith (Part Three)

modern witness

I’ve been blessed to share with you this month the stories of several persecuted Christians from around the world. Today, I’d like to share with you a few final stories from Exploring with Jake. Farshid Fathi Farshid lives in Iran. He was arrested on the day after Christmas in 2010, and he has been in jail ever since. He is a Christian and was sentenced to jail because of his faith in Jesus. He has been treated very badly, and he misses his family very much. But he hasn’t given up. He keeps on loving God and telling others about Continue reading

Modern Witnesses: Meeting today’s heroes of faith (Part Two)

modern witness

Last week, I introduced you to Jake, the character whose voice I blog through each week. Jake discovered the stories of many persecuted Christians this past year. Today, I’d like to share a few more of their stories with you. An Unidentified Woman in Nigeria It happened in June, 2006. A woman in Nigeria met with a group of kids and told them how Jesus had lived with men long ago, and how he had died to pay for all the things every one of us has done wrong, including them. And, she explained how Jesus came back to life, Continue reading

Modern Witnesses: Meeting today’s heroes of faith (Part One)

modern witness

About two years ago, I joined the world of bloggers, only I did it with a secret identity. I wasn’t sure I had enough interesting things to talk about on my own, but Jake—now there was a boy who had a lot to say. Jake was a character I had created for a children’s series I am writing (it’s not published yet, but I have hope). Jake loves adventure and exploring, but he can only do so much with his weekly allowance—and his mom wasn’t crazy about the idea of taking a trip to Mongolia. So Jake explores the world Continue reading

Christian Heroes and Heroes of History (YWAM Publishing Review)

YWAM Publishing produces and distributes books that “focus on evangelism, educational training, prayer, discipleship, and mercy ministries.” In addition to providing quality Christian materials, they also support mission projects around the world. YWAM Publishing is a division of the larger YWAM (Youth with a Mission) ministry. You can read more about YWAM Publishing and YWAM on the “About YWAM Publishing” page of their website. The Christian Heroes: Then and Now series of books share “inspiring true stores of men and women who answered God’s call. Reviewers received a digital copy of Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose, the story of missionary Continue reading

Gospel Planting Adventures! (Seed Sowers Book Review)

Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have been reading a book authored by one of their own.  Seed Sowers: Gospel Planting Adventures is the brainchild of Gwen Toliver.   In additional to homeschooling her own family, since 2010 she has been serving with Wycliffe Associates where she’s been surrounded by retired missionaries and Bible translators from every corner of the globe.  According to Gwen “ Most of them possess this amazing wealth of spiritual knowledge and mission field experience that [would] be lost if it’s not recorded for future generations. Only a few had written or told their stories.”  Thus began Continue reading

Schoolhouse Review Crew Bloggy Convention — Day Two (Knowledge Quest Giveaway)

Welcome to day 2 of our Bloggy Convention. We have 5 more favorite vendors to share with you an another awesome giveaway — this one from Knowledge Quest!   Knowledge Quest  Knowledge Quest has ” historical outline maps, timelines, geography curriculum such as A Child’s Geography and Expedition Earth, historical biographies your whole family will love, engaging mobile apps plus much more.” The Johnson family started their business, Knowledge Quest, Inc. in 2001 out of their own need as a homeschool family to create products that they could not find elsewhere. As a result, now other homeschool families can benefit from what Continue reading

Growing Up Wild

The Growing Up Wild DVD series introduces viewers to the Wild family who serve as missionaries in Indonesia.  Targeted towards children ages 5-12, it is their hope that these videos will not only educate children about real-life on the field but be used to raise up the next generation of missionaries. While the DVD series could serve as a compliment to a homeschool and/or Sunday School curricula, the uses are endless.  Consider showing the DVD’s at VBS, youth groups, summer programs, or private/Christian schools.  Actually any setting where the audience could benefit from seeing the ins-and-outs of modern day missionaries would be perfect. Continue reading