Mathletics Online Math Resource (3P Learning Review)

Mathletics Online Math Review

The next set of reviews we have in store for you are coming from 3P Learning.  They have given TOS Crew members a full year subscription for two students to their Mathletics online math program. The Mathletics program is designed as a supplement to whatever math you are already using and can be used for grades K-12. Mathletics has 7 key points that will really help you understand what they are all about. Engage Target Diagnose Assess Report Fluency Mobile Engage The definition of engage is “occupy, attract, or involve (someone’s interest or attention)”.  Mathletics does all of those things Continue reading

Online Homeschool Math Tutor (CTC Math Review)

CTC Math Review

Whether you love math or hate it, many homeschooling families find that teaching math is one of the more challenging things they are called to do. Fortunately, there are companies whose mission it is to make this task easier. CTC Math is one such company, and recently the Review Crew had the privilege of reviewing its 12 Month Family Plan, unlimited access to all lessons, across all grade levels, for up to ten students. CTC Math is a comprehensive online math tutor offering 1,367 4-9 minute animated and narrated math lessons, a bank of over 57,000 interactive questions, diagnostic tests, Continue reading

Science and Math for Homeschool ( Review)

scienceandmath review

Do your students need help to excel in Science and Math? If so, has some products you will be interested in learning more about. Award winning video lessons, done in a step by step fashion, will help to ensure that your students gain a thorough understanding before moving on to the next step. These videos help your student learn, practice and master the subject at hand. Algebra 1: Volume 1 (DVD) will help your grade seven and up students learn algebra. This DVD and additional PDF download of Fractions Thru Algebra Companion Worksheet CD, assumes that you know absolutely Continue reading

Teaching Math with Lego Bricks

teaching math lego

The first time I realized that I was so caught up in doing things, “the way they were supposed to be” was when I taught in India right out of college. Geared up and ready to go I was excited and ready to make a difference in the world. Of course, when I arrived in the poverty stricken area of the country, I realized that I needed to rely on God for not only the wisdom to teach but also for the resources. No paper, just a chalkboard. No supplies, just whatever I could recycle and reuse, which wasn’t much. Continue reading

Practice That Feels Like Play (IXL Review)


  IXL is one of the first names in homeschooling excellence. Long known for its math practice drills, it has recently added language arts practice drills for grades 2-4 as well. IXL offers state standards and common core aligned math practice skills for grades K-12, including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Pre-Calculus is coming soon. Each grade level has a varying number of skills, with grades 2-12 all having over 200 skills included. Students work through skills systematically to achieve mastery, earning rewards and achievements along the way. Parents are emailed detailed reports containing their children’s progress every week. Continue reading

Algebra and Geometry DVD Interactive Math (VideoText Interactive Review)

VideoText Interactive is just that – interactive.  Whereas traditional video-type mathematics curricula use video to supplement textbook material, VideoText Interactive uses interactive video as the textbook and print material as the supplement.  This unique approach lends itself not only to more interaction between student and teacher / parent but also to more mastery of concepts.      The crew has been using and reviewing both the Algebra: A Complete Course and the Geometry: A Complete Course. The Algebra program covers pre-algebra, algebra 1, and algebra 2.  The Geometry program covers Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-calculus.  Successful completion of both courses will give students Continue reading

Learning for Homeschool, Summer School and After School (Time4Learning Review)

  Time4Learning is an award-winning, automated online learning system that can be used by students in preschool – 12th grade for homeschool, after school, or summer school. Schoolhouse Review Crew members received a six-month membership to Time4Learning’s interactive curriculum for home use for PreK – 8th grades. Time4Learning integrates education with fun. The homeschool program provides a complete language arts and math curriculum which correlate to state standards, and it also includes science and social studies. Subjects are organized into chapters, and an automated system teaches lessons in a sequence created to develop skills. Short, animated lessons are followed by a variety of interactive activities, educational games, printable worksheets, online quizzes, Continue reading

Math Options for Grades 1-12! (Math Mammoth Review)

Math Mammoth was created by Maria Miller, a homeschool mom with a degree in mathematics. The company offers multiple products to help parents teach math to their kids. Our Crew reviewers got to sample a number of these products for this review. The Light Blue Series is their complete curriculum for grades 1-6. Most of the curriculum is aligned with the Common Core standards. Each grade level comes with two student worktexts as well as answer keys, tests, and reviews. The download version also includes an additional worksheet maker. The Light Blue series focuses on mastery learning, and emphasizes the Continue reading

Looking for a computer-based math game for your elementary students? (Math Rider Review)

Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have recently had the opportunity to review Math Rider.  This computer-based math game is designed for students ages 6-12 to allow practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts for numbers 1-12.  Rather than boring pencil and paper drills, the four operations are each practiced and mastered through four fun quests within a fantasy land. Mounted atop the trusty horse, Shadow, the rider moves through digitally matte-painted scenes and earns animated rewards.  Math Rider varies game speed and question difficulty in order to build confidence. The student simply keys in the correct number and presses ENTER. Since Continue reading