10 Kindergarten and Preschool Lessons from Our First Homeschooling Year

10 Lessons

Last September, we embarked on an adventure: homeschooling our oldest. He was five turning six in November, which made it mandatory for him to be enrolled in school where we live. His sister was three at the time and, as such, we thought of her as our preschooler. I worked with her through some preschool materials because she showed interest. The main reason we decided to homeschool our children is time. I could not wrap my mind around my children spending seven hours away from me every day in the name of education. I speak several languages and have a Continue reading

Talking Shapes App for iPad (Talking Fingers App Review)

talking fingers

Talking Fingers, Inc. has developed an interactive learning program for preschool readers called Talking Shapes. Talking Shapes is a research-proven program created by neuropsychologist Dr. Jeannine Herron and funded in part by a research grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).  Using pictures as mnemonic devices, it introduces the all 40 English speech sounds (phonemes) by helping children develop a correlation between the shape and sound of the letter. Simple stories are used to introduce sounds and words.  In the program, a story about a group of letters and their correlating phonemes is read to Continue reading

Writing Readiness Activities for PreK – Grade 1 (Fundanoodle Review)

  Brand new from Carolina Pad, Fundanoodle is a brand of writing tablets and learning kits for young learners.  The activities are developmentally and age-appropriate as well as short in duration – perfect for young attention spans.  Within the tasks, children are fine-tuning motor skills, working on hand-eye coordination, exploring both visually and by touch, and problem-solving. The Fundanoodle products are intended to be fun, relaxed, and user-friendly.  They are appealing to children for many reasons including:  the whimsical illustrations, jungle theme, and likable  characters.  Max the Monkey and Alphie the Adventurer love letters and numbers.  These cute, friendly fellas serve as guides through the learning journey. Schoolhouse Review Crew Members reviewed a wide variety of Continue reading

Teach Your Child to Read with the Phonics and Reading with McGuffey App! (LiteracySoft Review)

If you are familiar with McGuffey Readers, you know that they have been a trusted name in education, teaching more than 10 million children.   The Phonics and Reading with McGuffey App from LiteracySoft brings these lessons to life in an app, teaching your child to read with 52 step-by-step lessons. Phonics and Reading With McGuffey works on your PC, Mac, and Apple devices. The Phonics and Reading with McGuffey App is carefully crafted to: • Ensure no expert phonics supervisor is needed for students to gain maximum value from the lessons • Work for any literacy level • Act Continue reading

Fun Physical Activities for Young Children! (Dr. Craft’s Active Play! Books Review)

Homeschooling with toddlers and preschoolers in the house can be challenging, to say the least! Coming up with creative ways to keep them occupied, engaged, and out of trouble can test the patience right out of the best of us. Dr. Craft’s Active Play understands this challenge and has designed Active Play! Fun Physical Activities for Young Children with your youngsters in mind. This spiral bound book and award-winning DVD set contains 52 age appropriate physical activities that are: created for toddlers and preschoolers to play together easy to lead, fun to do inexpensive, using easy-to-get equipment designed for children to develop fundamental movement skills and Continue reading