On Being Thankful

on being thankful

Amy @ Homeschool Encouragement — Modeling Thankfulness in an Entitlement Society All around me, people are claiming entitlement to something. Will my own children make that choice? Melissa @ Little Connections Add Up  — I Hope You Get Everything You Deserve Some people give and give, and struggle through their entire lives. But every now and again, a miracle comes and blesses that person beyond measure. This is one of those stories. Brandy @ Kingdom Academy Homeschool — Thankfulness Overflows We still have numerous day to day struggles and challenges. But when I look back at how far the Lord Continue reading

Teaching the Chatty, Wiggly Child

chatty wiggly child

Annette @ A Net in Time — But I Can’t Sit Still Today! So how do I teach him on the days that he just can’t sit still? Sometimes I get creative… sometimes I get stubborn… sometimes it just doesn’t work… but what tends to help is the following . . . Heather @ Only Passionate Curiosity — How to Homeschool Wiggly Kids and Not Lose Your Mind My kids are about as wiggly and wild as they get. I could spend my day pounding my head against the table in defeat, but instead we’ve decided to harness the power Continue reading

Fall Into Nature

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy Homeschool — Fun Fall While I love to see pictures of the trees in the northern parts of the country, I love what Fall brings to my Florida home. Kathy @ Kathys Cluttered Mind — Pumpkin Patch Fun Last week we had a fun visiting a local pumpkin patch. And of course we turned it into an educational lesson too! Annette @ A Net in Time — Falling into Nature Come along with me as I show you how we fall into nature in our homeschool journey. Leah @ As We Walk Along the Road – The Continue reading

Sneaking School into the Busy Days

Leah @ As We Walk Along the Road — Squeezing in School on Busy Days More often than not we are rushing. Rush to go out the door. Rush to finish up school. Rush to get to gym or basketball or dance or swim. And there are days that in the midst of doing it all, it’s just hard to get to school. So what do we do on those days? Lisa @ Chicken, Bunnies, and Homeschool — How I sneak in extra school Sneaking in extra school on long car journeys can be “downloadabley” easy and free! Nicole @ Continue reading

It’s Too Hot to Cook Recipes

Amy @ Bow of Bronze — Top 10 Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat Nobody likes to heat up the kitchen during the August and September heat waves here in southern California where we don’t have air conditioning. It’s perfect weather for cooking outside or just not cooking at all. Today we are sharing our favorite recipes for those days when it is just too hot to cook. LaRee @ Broad Horizons – Don’t Heat Up the Kitchen This summer I’ve been more intentional about finding meals that don’t heat the kitchen too much, since take-out all summer isn’t in Continue reading

Summer Staycationing

Leah @ As We Walk Along the Road — Summer Fun at Home But vacationing with four children isn’t always easy. And it is always expensive! So we also like to “staycation” by finding fun and inexpensive things to do around home in the summer. Holly @ Possibilities and Peas – 5 Fabulous Free  Field Trips in Detroit Five fun places to go in the Detroit Area. Brittney @ Mom’s Heart — Boredom Busters — Summer Staycation Ideas Even though we moved here eight months ago, we are still feeling like there is so much to discover in our town. Continue reading

Year-End Homeschool Evaluation — What worked? What didn’t?

  Erica B. @ Be the One — Finishing Strong Taking a step back in time to look at this year, while taking a huge leap forward in graduating our oldest!   Jennifer L. @ Royal Little Lambs — Annual Evaluation I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve grown with God this past year. I am so different than I was even a few months ago. He has changed my heart and our family is so much more successful for the Kingdom and on the righter path. When I look back at all we’ve accomplished, I feel good. Continue reading

The Frugal Homeschool Blog Cruise

  Marcy C. @ Ben and Me — Frugal Family Spring Unit Studies Two things I love most in homeschooling — unit studies and free. Add gorgeous spring weather to the mix, and I just couldn’t be happier.   Leah C. @ As We Walk Along the Road — The Frugal Homeschool I will admit that I don’t always take the cheapest route when it comes to buying curricula. But sometimes I can make up for it by saving money elsewhere. So, here are some ways to save (especially if you’ve gone a little over budget with curricula!).   Rebekah Continue reading

A Good Read (A Blog Cruise)

Candace @ His Mercy is New — Abundant Simplicity “We practice simplicity when we intentionally arrange our life around God – what he is doing in us and in this world – and let the rest drop off.” ~ Jan Johnson, author of Abundant Simplicity: Discovering the Unhurried Rhythms of Grace Brandy @ Kingdom Academy — God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah The history and the story weave together so perfectly that you just get lost in the book! Beth @ Ozark Ramblings — Where Have All the Good Books Gone? Eighty percent of all books Continue reading

Our Homeschool Day in Pictures

Brandy at Kingdom Academy Homeschool — Come over to our house! I’ve taken a lot of pictures in the last month, and my kids are in their pajamas for the majority of them! I am starting to wonder if I should at least make them get dressed at lunchtime. Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses — Join Us for a Day Homeschooling (A Photo Diary) Sometimes our day is slow and sometimes busy but never is it twice the same. Join us for a photo journey of a home school day at Every Bed of Roses. Clarissa @ Counting Our Continue reading