S is for Smiling Sunrise Alphabet Book (Wordsbright Review)

WORDSBRIGHT-LOGOWordsBright is a small, independent publisher that focuses on children’s books that are fun and educational. Their goal is to provide educational materials that engage parents and their children. Recently members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out S is for Smiling Sunrise, the debut book from the WordsBright publishing line.

In S is for Smiling Sunrise, a father shares alphabet rhymes that he wrote for his daughter. Written for children from Pre-K though 3rd grade, not only does it help teach the alphabet and help with vocabulary development, but also includes lessons in character education.

S is for Smiling Sunrise

Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew received a hardcover copy of the book, S is for Smiling Sunrise. They were also given access to a downloadable K-3 Teacher guide and the MP3 version of the song to sing along as you read.

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Smiling Sunrise Review

A big thank you to Renita Kuehner of Krazy Kuehner Days for writing this introductory post.

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