RECON is a comprehensive Christian worldview curriculum designed for students in grades 11-12.  It is feasible to use this Bible study curriculum with 10th grade students, if the parent feels the student is advanced enough to fully understand and implement it.  RECON can also be used with college students and adults.  The premise behind RECON is that students will complete the lessons, ideally with an adult mentor and a few other students, then students will carry what they have learned with them as they go to college.  Once on their college campus, students can connect with other Recon students to form cell groups with the purpose of growing, dividing, and multiplying on their campus and other campuses.

There are 72 lesson assignments included in the curriculum.  It can be completed in either a semester, by doing 4 lessons per week, or in a school year, by doing 2 lessons per week.  It is not recommended to complete less than 2 lessons per week because that disrupts the continuity of the lessons and lessens the effectiveness of the curriculum.


Developed by Bill Perry, a homeschooling dad of 7, RECON is a solid Christian worldview Bible curriculum which will equip older students for the challenges they will face on the college campus.


The print version of RECON is available through Lulu and retails for $12.99 for the student workbook, and $21.95 for the teacher manual.  The workbook pages were created in grayscale, and are designed to give the impression of preparing for battle.  Every lesson is in some way related to learning about how to become ready for spiritual challenges one will face in life.

Many of the members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have been using RECON for the past several weeks.  To read their reviews, click on the linky below.

Click to read Crew Reviews
A big thank you to Sarah Dugger of Ahoy Maties! for writing this introductory post.

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