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What On Earth Can I Do? (Apologia Review)
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Help Your Teens Start Their Own Business (Micro Business for Teens Review)
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Summer Schooling Without Losing Your Summer or Your Mind!

summer schooling

Whether you work your homeschool on a traditional school schedule or you are a year-round homeschooler, schooling through the summer months typically takes on a different schedule. But schooling through the summer months can be a good choice for most families as there are advantages to continuing lessons throughout the summer. And you can have summer schooling without losing your whole summer (and your mind while you’re at it)! ADVANTAGES OF SCHOOLING THROUGH THE SUMMER MONTHS Some advantages of schooling through the summer months include: Keeps a Schedule Going During the Summer Months  If you have your summer totally free of Continue reading

Independence Day Resources Round-Up

independence day resources

  Jennifer @ Chestnut Grove Academy – 4th of July Workboxes Lisa @ Home to 4 Kiddos – What our Founding Fathers Had to Say About Our Freedom Dusty @ To the Moon and Back — Free Independence Day Copywork Printables Leah @ As We Walk Along the Road – Resources for 4th of July Unit Studies Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break – History Lesson: Philadelphia and I is for… Independence Day History Lesson Karen @ Tots and Me – Patriotic Ideas Roundup Marcy @ Ben and Me – W is Washington DC (a Comprehensive List of Resources to Study or Visit Our Nation’s Capital)  

Budgeting 101

budgeting 101

So, the “new” of the New Year has come and gone and one of the biggest resolutions normally right behind losing weight is saving money. Let me preface this by saying, I am not a financial expert.  I am a wife and mom trying to help our family remain a one income family. We have been a one income family for many years now and it has sometimes been extremely difficult.  I must tell you that first and foremost, I give all glory to God because without His guidance there would be no story!  It’s all His and He has Continue reading

Summer Reading for Elementary Kids

summer reading for elementary kids

  Melanie @ finchnwren – Five Days of Homeschool Essentials: Amazing Books Jackson was a very early reader, and I’m sure that our countless hours of snuggling and reading assisted him in that process….With both of these we were able to fill our days with wonderful stories….that were simply excellent pieces of literature.   Victoria @ Homemaking with Heart – Best ‘Ancient’ and ‘Middle Ages’ Historical Reads {Elementary Level} If you’re about to take a break from school for the summer, you might just be able to inspire your elementary aged children to keep learning through the break with these great Ancient Continue reading

Character Training for Children and Teens (We Choose Virtues Review)

we choose virtues

As parents, it’s safe to say that we want our children to grow up and become both productive and kind adults in society. In order for this to transpire, we need to instill good character qualities in them and teach them to be virtuous. By definition, virtue is the quality of being morally good or righteous. Oftentimes parents may have difficulty in thinking of ways to teach their children how to be virtuous, or maybe even want to make it fun for them. Most important is making those qualities last a lifetime. We Choose Virtues was founded when Heather McMillan saw Continue reading

10 Kindergarten and Preschool Lessons from Our First Homeschooling Year

10 Lessons

Last September, we embarked on an adventure: homeschooling our oldest. He was five turning six in November, which made it mandatory for him to be enrolled in school where we live. His sister was three at the time and, as such, we thought of her as our preschooler. I worked with her through some preschool materials because she showed interest. The main reason we decided to homeschool our children is time. I could not wrap my mind around my children spending seven hours away from me every day in the name of education. I speak several languages and have a Continue reading

Fresh Summer Recipes Round-Up

fresh summer recipes

  Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break – Eating the Americas: Perfect for Summer and Maple BBQ Cupcakes Kemi @ Homemaking Organized – D is for Dinner Salads Brandy @ Kingdom Academy Homeschool – My Favorite Summer Recipes Michelle @ Faith, Family, and Fridays – Bring on the Pie! Kristi @ The Potter’s Hand Academy – Yummy, Fresh, and Refreshing Summer Recipes! Melanie @ finchnwren – 8 Things to Do With Your Tomato Harvest Jenn @ Treasuring Life’s Blessings – Strawberries and Cream Angel Food Cake Roll, Fruit Pizza, and Stuffed Zucchini Laura @ Day by Day in Our World –   Buffalo Chicken Salad Jennifer @ a glimpse of our life – Squash Continue reading

Tales of Peter Rabbit (Kinder Cottage Review)

Kinder Cottage Reviews

  Kinder Cottage Publishing is a company that was started in 2012 by parents, Howard and Ann Closs, who wanted to instill in their own four children a love of their rich heritage. The company focuses on materials that are characteristic of western civilization such as literature, history, culture, and Christianity. Their main goal is to develop and provide products that help parents instruct and train their young children. Review Crew members were recently given the opportunity to choose two 5×7 hardback picture books from a wonderful Peter Rabbit series which includes the following ten titles: The Tale of Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit at the Farm Peter Rabbit’s Christmas How Peter Rabbit Continue reading

Discover a Way to Treat ADHD and Dyslexia Without Medication (Learning Breakthrough Program Review)

Learning Breakthrough

What parent doesn’t want to improve the brain function and clarity of their children? Whether it is to work through a learning disability, help with ADD, improve athletic performance, or simply counteract too much screen time, keeping our children clear and focused is the goal of most homeschoolers. Most parents are willing to spend some time and energy on a program that will help their students learn and retain material better. Recently, the TOS Review Crew was given the opportunity review a book about a program that can help their student do just that – A Life in Balance: Discovery Continue reading