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When someone mentions the Classical Christian Education movement in homeschooling, what first springs to your mind? Often the sheer mention of classical education brings images of one room schoolhouses in which children chant and recite seemingly endless math and grammar facts, plus Latin conjugations and declensions. And a no-nonsense, no-fun, no-frills
approach to education.
Yet there is another side of Classical education. A creative method of classically educating which is interesting and engaging, even occasionally humorous. So, it was with considerable excitement and curiosity that the Homeschool Crew launched into Latin studies with Classical Academic Press this winter. Could Latin really be an exciting pursuit–without watering down the material? Below, see Dr. Perrin’s video introduction to Classical Academic Press’ academic philosophy and mission.

Different members of the Homeschool Crew received three different levels of Latin, all of which are designed to be very user-friendly and ”Creatively Taught.”

PhotobucketHomeschool Crew members with younger children in grades K-3rd received Song School Latin, which is a delightful, entertaining program designed to whet younger children’s appetites for later Latin studies. Its focus is on learning some simple vocabulary and phrases while listening to music on CD and completing simple, developmentally appropriate worksheets as well as coloring pages. What fun! The Teacher’s Edition and student book retail for $22.95 apiece, though for extra fun a bundle is available for $64.95 which includes a fun card game sure to interest this younger crowd.

PhotobucketDesigned for slightly older students in grades 3-6, Latin for Children provides a solid program of Latin study which covers not only vocabulary, but grammar and derivatives as well.  Some Crew members received the Mastery Bundle, which includes a consumable student textbook, answer key, instructional DVD/CD bundle and even the History Reader A and Latin Activity book including crossword puzzles, mazes and plenty of fun activities–even a reproducible game!  Dr. Perrin presents the grammar lessons, while a cast of elementary aged children present the recitations in each weekly lesson. Level A Mastery Bundle retails for $99.95. Two additional levels, B and C, follow to continue the fun–er, study!

PhotobucketFor secondary level students, Latin Alive is specifically geared toward their needs to learn not only the vocabulary and grammar of Latin, but also covers Roman history and culture. Selected Crew members received the Latin Alive Bundle. Enthusiastic Latin teacher Karen Moore presents the challenging material via DVD lessons and the student textbook and teacher’s manual she co-authored. Non-consumable, this Latin set is designed to provide a solid, interesting Latin program for high school credit. It retails for $139.95. A Latin Alive Book 2 is available to assist your secondary student’s further college preparatory high school program.

PhotobucketAdditional Latin resources are available to complement Classical Academic Press’ offerings. Want to learn some Latin history along the way? Choose the history readers. Need to practice vocabulary? How about Latin flash cards designed to use as a card game? Need tests? Classical Academic offers optional tests for both Latin for Children and Latin Alive. Do your children love to use the computer? You simply must be sure to visit the free website Headventure Land, a creative accompaniment to Classical Academic Press, filled with exciting videos, electronic books, online games and more!–all designed to reinforce your children’s Latin (or other language) studies. Consider celebrating their 10 year anniversary sale with these specials, too! Please view Dr. Perrin’s introduction to this wonderful Latin program below to learn more.

While you are at the Classical Academic Press website, be sure to look over some of this company’s other exciting courses. Courses are available in the following subjects:

  • Latin
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • French
  • Logic
  • Bible
  • Poetry

And, now, see what the Homeschool Crew has to say about their Latin studies.



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Special thanks to First Mate Michelle from A Life Better Than I Deserve for writing this post.

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