Teaching Special Learners

Teaching Special Learners

Did you know that ‘special educational needs’ has a legal definition ?  It refers to any child who is currently experiencing a learning difficulty whether permanent or temporary.  Many children will have special needs of some description during their educational journey. They may need extra help in a range of areas, for example: schoolwork reading, writing, number work or understanding information expressing themselves or understanding what others are saying making friends or relating to adults behaving properly in school, at home or social events organizing themselves some kind of sensory or physical needs which may affect them in school or Continue reading

A New Year’s Homeschool Round Up

Happy New Year 2015 Homeschool Round-Up

 New Year’s Day is one of my daughter’s favorite holidays. The New Year’s Eve day is the one celebration where our daughter is permitted to stay up past midnight, eat plenty of snacks and watch fireworks which are her absolute favorite. She get’s pretty excited about the celebration to mark the new year that takes place in our home so taking some time to focus on it is alright with her. All the New Year’s traditions, songs, foods, and history are quite interesting so I’ve gathered together some resources on the New Year’s day past and present for you that Continue reading

Putting Experience Based Learning on a Traditional Transcript

FiberArts Collage final

We began our journey many, many years ago. . . with three main goals in mind. The first goal was to show our daughters Jesus Christ through our lives, the second goal was for us, as parents, to have the biggest influence in their formative years. We felt then, and still do, that God had called us to educate our children at home, to raise them up to follow Him. Our third goal may seem unusual in light of the first two, but if you’ll read on, I think you’ll see how it has worked out beautifully in our journey. Continue reading

Foreign Languages for Your Homeschool (Mango Languages Review)

mango languages review

Mango Languages offers online courses for learning foreign languages. Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given access to their Homeschool Edition. Accounts were set up to allow reviewers to link up to five family members including a parent account to track progress. The program is intended for ages 6 through adult and offers all levels of coursework. Mango Languages homeschool edition currently offers 52 foreign languages for English speakers to choose from, and they are still adding more. You may learn more than one language at a time.  Once you choose a language, this is the starting screen. On this screen, you can Continue reading

Homeschool Mom’s Bible (Zondervan Review)

Up now on the Crew review list is a brand new product focused on homeschooling Mom’s.  This time it’s not for the kids! Zondervan has come out with a new Bible titled, The Homeschool Mom’s Bible.  It is available in both NIV and KJV as well as an E-Bible.  It also comes in hardback or leather. The KJV and NIV versions of the Homeschool Mom’s Bible are $34.99 while the leather editions of both Bibles are $49.99 with the E-Bible costing $14.99.  Crew members received only the NIV and KJV Bibles to review but the other editions are available on Continue reading

Visiting the Crew Family

We’re back with more great reviews to share! Becky from Purposeful Homemaking shares about a book that made an important impact on her homeschool mama heart. This book was honestly the turning point for me in homeschooling. After one year of it I just wasn’t sure if I could do it too much longer. After reading this book though, I knew it was about more than just teaching academics to our children and God confirmed in my heart that we were making the right choice. No longer was I going to say to my son, “next year you’re going to Continue reading

Merry Christmas from the Homeschool Crew and Toydle!

The Homeschool Crew is teaming up with Toydle to bring you a very special CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! Be sure to check  back in January, when we’ll be featuring more information about Toydle, along with Crew reviews. We don’t want to give away all the details, but it is important to note a few fun facts about Toydle: *Toydle makes forts for kids! *Toydle is all about fun and quality! *Toydle makes serious toys that will last a lifetime! *Toydle forts are manufactured in the USA! *Toydle forts come with a money-back guarantee! And the most important thing . . . Toydle Continue reading

Artistic Pursuits

Crew members chosen for this review received their choice of Artistic Pursuits’ products, selected from the following: Preschool K-3 Book One K-3 Book Two K-3 Book Three 4-6 grade, Book One 4-6 grade, Book Two Jr. High Book One Jr. High Book Two Sr. High Book One Sr. High Book Two While the K-3 books focus on introducing your children to artistic techniques and on learning art through history, the upper level books provide an overview of drawing in Book One and color theory and composition in Book 2.  At the younger levels, there are 32 projects in each book, Continue reading

Wreaths of Maine

Just in time for Christmas decorating, The Old Schoolhouse Crew would like to introduce you to Wreaths of Maine. These beautiful, decorative adornments are handmade from freshly harvested tips of New England Balsam fir trees.  The wreaths are nice and full, with greens wired onto both sides.  The finished product will measure a full two feet across and come with its own hanger.   Wreaths of Maine may be purchased directly from their website, or you may see them as part of fundraising programs for homeschool families and other youth organizations.  This is a great opportunity for a homeschool fundraiser Continue reading

Time Timer

Make Every Moment Count The Time Timer, invented over twenty years ago by Jan Rogers in response to her four-year-old daughter’s need to see the passage of time in order to understand it, is working today to help a new generation of students, classroom teachers, special educators, and homeschoolers keep track of their time. Time Timer is separated from your ordinary kitchen timer or wall clock by the fact that due to its unique construction, you can actually see the passage of time as the red disk diminishes minute by minute. Time Timer is an excellent tool for a myriad Continue reading