National No Rhyme or Reason Day


Today is National No Rhyme or Reason Day! To help us celebrate, we’ve invited’s Executive Editor, Bonnie Rose Hudson to share with us some fun activities to do with the kids today. Please help me welcome her to the blog! *** In honor of today being National No Rhyme or Reason Day, we’re going to explore poetry and ways to make it fun for kids with a roundup of helpful websites and articles. Then we’ll enjoy a list of twenty-five words that do not have a true English rhyme with some National No Rhyme or Reason Day Copywork! Continue reading

A Special Way to Bless Families With Curriculum

A Special Way-3

Did you know that there is a way you can share your talents and passions that will bless other homeschooling families and your own family as well?, the curriculum arm of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, publishes educational content on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and we want you to be a part of creating the content we offer on the site. Everyone who contributes regularly receives a free membership the entire time they are part of our team. In addition, there is an opportunity to earn free advertising for your website or business, depending on the material contributed. Continue reading

You Are the Expert

you are the expert

The thought of teaching algebra sends shivers up my spine—the kind you get when you hear a tire blow, and you know that you and the boatload of kids you’re toting around are going to be stranded on the narrow shoulder of a busy road for hours unless you make yourself get out of the van and find that pump-up thingy that goes somewhere under the van to lift it up so you can fight with a long metal doo-dad and rusted bolts and gravel in your knees and mud on your hands. That kind of shivers. Teaching physics gives Continue reading

Questions New Homeschoolers Ask

Questions New Homeschoolers Ask2

May I ask you to take a trip with me? Think back to the first few weeks after you first decided to homeschool. You’d done the research. You’d talked to God and your family. And you decided to do it. A million questions flooded your mind. I want to zero in on a few of those questions. I’m not talking about the BIG questions, like high school transcripts and state requirements. I’m not even talking about the internal questions like, “What if he doesn’t learn enough?” I want to look at some much more basic questions. What is a lapbook? Continue reading

Modern Witnesses: Meeting today’s heroes of faith (Part Three)

modern witness

I’ve been blessed to share with you this month the stories of several persecuted Christians from around the world. Today, I’d like to share with you a few final stories from Exploring with Jake. Farshid Fathi Farshid lives in Iran. He was arrested on the day after Christmas in 2010, and he has been in jail ever since. He is a Christian and was sentenced to jail because of his faith in Jesus. He has been treated very badly, and he misses his family very much. But he hasn’t given up. He keeps on loving God and telling others about Continue reading

Are We Having Fun Yet?

are we having fun yet

Congratulations! You are fast approaching the mid-way point in your school year and have accomplished much, but are you having FUN? Let’s face it. We homeschool parents have a lot on us. Not only do we have all the responsibilities of other parents, but we also bear the weight of educating our children. We take it very seriously, as we should, but do we sometimes take it too seriously? We schedule Bible, math, English, grammar, spelling, composition, science, history, geography, foreign language, chores, sports, music lessons, and a myriad of other things into our school days. But do we schedule Continue reading

Modern Witnesses: Meeting today’s heroes of faith (Part Two)

modern witness

Last week, I introduced you to Jake, the character whose voice I blog through each week. Jake discovered the stories of many persecuted Christians this past year. Today, I’d like to share a few more of their stories with you. An Unidentified Woman in Nigeria It happened in June, 2006. A woman in Nigeria met with a group of kids and told them how Jesus had lived with men long ago, and how he had died to pay for all the things every one of us has done wrong, including them. And, she explained how Jesus came back to life, Continue reading

Modern Witnesses: Meeting today’s heroes of faith (Part One)

modern witness

About two years ago, I joined the world of bloggers, only I did it with a secret identity. I wasn’t sure I had enough interesting things to talk about on my own, but Jake—now there was a boy who had a lot to say. Jake was a character I had created for a children’s series I am writing (it’s not published yet, but I have hope). Jake loves adventure and exploring, but he can only do so much with his weekly allowance—and his mom wasn’t crazy about the idea of taking a trip to Mongolia. So Jake explores the world Continue reading