Blog Cruise: Summer Gardens

Tomatoes, peppers, and cumbers. Summer squash, okra, and green beans. Summer is my favorite time of the year . . .  to eat! I absolutely love perusing the farmer’s markets for the freshest of veggies to grill, can, and freeze! I wish I had the space to grow it all myself!

Oh, the flowers. The spring flowers have long withered away, now it’s time for gorgeous sunflowers, dahlias, and gladiolas!

Gardening also presents plenty of learning opportunities! Science, math, geography . . . it’s all in there!

Many of our Schoolhouse Crew members spend much of the summer weeding and harvesting. And this week they will share with you what is growing in their Summer Gardens.

Come take a peek at what the Crew is growing this summer!

Are you growing a garden? We would love for you to share your treasures with us in the comments below!



Kym T. @ Homeschool Coffee BreakGardening Without a Green Thumb

“I do not have a green thumb.  I don’t like gardening.  I know lots of people who love it, and gardening is something that gives them joy and is a favorite pastime.  Not me.  I actually dread it most of the time. Ironically, my hubby is a grower – that’s his profession.”
Anne G. @ Upstate RamblingsSummer Gardens – Self-Watering Planters
“A self watering planter is one that is designed with a water reservoir that is filled. Then the soil wicks the water to the roots of the plants, so that the soil stays moist and provides a constant water supply to the plants.”
red tomatoes


Jennifer K. @ Our Peculiar LivesMy Black Thumb May Have Retired

“But a country farm wife is supposed to have a garden, right?  So this year, I was bound and determined I was going to raise some vegetables, whatever it took! So far, some successes, some failures. . .”


Lori S. @ Special Connection HomeschoolGarden Fresh Food

“I think gardening is a great hands on lesson that teaches lots of skills and covers lots of subjects.  Watching a plant grow from a seed can teach a child many things (including patience) and really give them a sense of where the food they eat comes from.”


Michele P. @ Family, Faith, and FridaysGarden Success–Kind of!

“ If you earn your living farming or feed your family only on your garden you may want to turn your head or at least -please do not chuckle too loudly!”



Lexi H. @ Lextin AcademySummer Gardens: Apology to Plants

So, here’s my summer gardening advice:

1) Hire a gardener.
2) If the first step isn’t possible, then enjoy someone else’s green thumb and hard work.”
Jennifer M. @ A Glimpse of Our LifeThe Last of the Blueberries
“My son ran ahead of me with the dogs and his bucket for berries, then stopped to ask if we could go see Pappy’s pears. “
Karyn T. @ Teach Beside MeGrowing a Sunflower Fort
“This summer we wanted to try to grow a sunflower fort.”
Gwen T. @ Tolivers to TexasNot-so-green Thumbs in Texas
“Gardening in Texas is a whole new ballgame. Apparently okra and cactus grow well, but everything else…not so much.”
Julie C. @ Creatin’ Classical ChaosFamily Garden Fun! 
“Gardening is something the reminds me daily of God beautiful creation and bountiful blessings.”
Patsy B. @ Ms. B’s BonnettStraw Bale Gardening
“Somewhere along the way, I heard of a gardening approach that eliminated the need for weeding. I’ve never had a thumb of any shade of green, but I LOVE homegrown tomatoes, so I eagerly gave it a shot.”
Amy B. @ Bow of BronzeThe Blessings of Our Container Gardens
“ It took me several years to figure out how to grow flowers in a pot, and even more years passed before I was doing well with herbs and veggies in a pot.”
Jenn P. @ Treasuring Life’s BlessingsWeed It and Reap!
“With each year that I plant, I have learned things both through reading as well as trial and error.”

Marcy C. @ Ben and MeDeck Container Gardening
“So I make due by growing a few things in containers on my deck — mostly herbs, a few flowers and some tomatoes and peppers. It makes me feel like I’m trying, you know?”


Thanks for stopping by this week’s Blog Cruise. We hope you have enjoyed getting a peek at our Summer Gardens! Join us next week when we share some tips for Beating the Summer Heat!

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