Blog Cruise: Summer Camping


Tent camping,  motor homes, State Parks, back yards, campfires, s’mores, fishing, summer camps.

Summer is alive with opportunities for camping!

In this week’s Blog Cruise, members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew share their Summer Camping tales!





Kym T. @ Homeschool Coffee BreakWill We Camp This Year?

“Truth is, we don’t know what we’re doing with our vacation time at all this year.  We have ideas and possibilities but haven’t made any decisions.”

Brandy B. @ Kingdom AcademyCamping Anyone?

“However, we live in Florida, and summer camping down here is usually hot…sticky..and plagued with mosquitoes!! So, down here we look for alternatives to traditional camping!!”

Heather A. @ Only Passionate CuriosityTut Tut, Look Likes Rain!

“I had big dreams of camping this week (by camping I mean pitching a tent in front of our apartment and sleeping out), until I realized that I left our tents in long term storage somewhere in the states, and that Germany has weather.”

Karyn T. @ Teach Beside MeCamping  with Kids

“A few weeks back I took the kids camping.  It was such a wonderful experience for them.  They have never been before- we don’t camp much in our family, so it was a big deal!  While we were getting ready, the kids wanted to know if we were bringing the iPad with us.”

Nicole W. @ Schooling in the SunSummer Camps – Or Not

“I am going to be totally honest here, folks.  The thought of having my kids run off happily to camp each summer, for sev

More 2 Leseral hours a day, while I was left behind trying not to do a jig, used to just make me giddy.”

Gwen T. @ Tolivers to TexasA-Camping We Will Go

“This past weekend some friends from church planned a camping trip to Lake Whitney about an hour away from us. The campground looked lovely from pictures and we thought this would be a great way to start our camping adventures.”

Lori S. @ Special Connection HomeschoolInclusive Summer Sports Camps

“When you think of Summer Camping you usually think of tents, sleeping bags, campfires and mosquitoes.  But that is not the only kind of camping people do in the summer.”

Eddie D. @ The Usual MayhemSummer Camping . . . Not

“But when the day is over, I want to sleep in a bed. After a shower. Near a real bathroom, not a “glory hole”. I’m picky like that.”

Leslie E. @ More 2 Les  – Sequoyah State Park

“Normally, I am pretty adament about going someplace new each time we venture out but I really liked it there. “

Lisa T. @ The Happy Homeschool MomCamping Anyone?

“We love fishing, swimming, hiking, bike riding,  and have several beautiful state parks around us that offer free educational programs all summer long.”

Kayla A. @ The Arrowood ZooCamping – Yep We Do

“We have been camping for a few years with our kiddos. We really enjoy the bonding time it creates for us. No electronic devices are allowed while camping. One big family rule that you should consider having! “

Susan G. @ Finding BeautyMaking Camping Fun & Educational

“Camping can be a cheap and fun vacation option. I remember lots of family camping trips growing up. We really enjoyed those trips and my parents always tried to make them fun for us.”

Tiffany D. @ The Crafty HomeCamping Memories

“ I am going to share with you my favorite memory of camping when I was younger.”

Debra B. @ Footprints in the ButterGeek Camp

“So — Geek Camp was last week.  Of course, that is not what UCCS calls it.  But the shoe fits.  University of Colorado – Colorado Springs has a Center for STEM Education which we lucked into learning about probably three years ago.”

Anne G. @ Upstate RamblingsWhy We Enjoy Camping

“Camping is a great way to spend a summer weekend!  I like refrigeration and electricity too much to camp for a week, but for 3 days or so it is fun to get away and enjoy the outdoors.  Here are some of my favorite things about camping!”

Lisa B. @ The Berry PatchSummer = Camping, right? 

“My hubby loves to camp. Me? Not so much. In fact, I would rather doanything  else than spend time camping. However, the reality is that I love my hubby and I love my boys.”

Amy B. @ Bow of BronzeSummer Camping with Children

“The first time we took our children camping, my oldest was three, and my youngest was six months old.  People said we were crazy.  Maybe we were a little crazy, but we had a lot of fun and made memories that we still talk about to this day. “

Marcy C. @ Ben and MeSummer Camping or Homeschool Without Lesson Plans

“I have found summer camps to be a great way to let him explore an interest for a few days, rather than investing a lot of time and money into something he may not really find as fun as he had imagined. “


Thanks for stopping by this week’s Blog Cruise. We hope you have discovered lots of ideas for Summer Camping! Join us next week when we share our Summer Gardens with you!



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