Blog Cruise ~ Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning

What does lesson planning look like in your homeschool?

In our house lesson planning has taken on different forms over the years. Some years we’ve kept copious notes and careful records. Other years we’ve been lucky to get anything written down. Some years we’ve planned weeks at a time. Other years it’s been a day by day thing. For this week’s Blog Cruise we asked the TOS Homeschool Crew members what lesson plans look like in their home. Click on their posts below to see what they said and leave a comment or two while you’re at it. I’m sure you’ll see some diverse answers and maybe even learn something along the way. Have fun and Happy Homeschooling!


Julieanne at Joy In Our tells the police Lesson Planning-Arrest Me!

Renita at Krazy Kuehner Days asks ?????I need to plan??!?!?!

Mrs. Taffy writes for My Life on a Taffy Pull and teaches us about The Blessings of a Well-Laid Plan.

It’s All Part of the Plan is what Blossom at North Laurel Home & School tells us.

Christa at Fairfield Corner Academy is Going for *Relaxed* This Year.

Setting a Course of Study, or Planning your School Days for Success is what Laura at Day by Day in Our World is doing this year.

Wendy of Life at Rossmont tells us about Lesson Planning at Rossmont.

Lesson Planning? Christine at Our Homeschool Reviews asks.

Heather from The Blessings Pour Out is confused and says – What? We’re Supposed to Make Plans?

Do Unschoolers Have a Plan? Katrina, who writes for Mama Manuscripts wants to know.

Orange Marmalade Mama is Jessica’s blog and she tells us about The Day to Day Details of Our Homeschool!

Brandy at Kingdom Academy is panicking and wondering What Are We Going To Do?

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