Blog Cruise~ Kids Answer: What do you like best about homeschooling?

What do you like best Homeschool

We’re shaking things up a bit with this week’s Blog Cruise. Instead of getting the thoughts, opinions and ideas of TOS Crew members, we’re chatting it up with their kids! Homeschooled kids have opinions, too, and we want to hear them. I appreciate them being willing to share!

So this week we are asking TOS kids . . .


What do you like best about homeschooling? 


Here’s what they had to say:

Read “What the Kids at Rossmont Like About Homeschooling“, where Wendy has more than just 3 human students to keep up with at Life at Rossmont.

According to Jane’s daughter at Mozi Esmé . . .  “Creativity ISN’T School“.

At Circling Through This Life, Tess’ students’ answers include pj’s, books, and snacks in “My Kids Talk Homeschooling“.

In “From the Lips of Homeschooled Children“, Briana’s kids found some commonality in their answers at I Can’t Decide.

It’s clear, at A Glimpse of Our Life, that Jennifer’s kids like being homeschooled when they tell us why, “In Their Words“.

Alyson, at Family Style School, conducts a mini-interview with her kids this week when she asks, “What Do You Like Best About Homeshooling?

Finally, I share why “Homeschooling is Epic!” at Ben and Me.

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