Blog Cruise ~ Homeschool Budget

Homeschool Budget

This week on the Blog Cruise we are going to talk about money.  It’s a favorite topic for everyone, isn’t it?  No? Yeah, me either!  But it’s one that needs to be talked about honestly because as homeschooler we have an extra burden of paying for school twice.  So this week we have some wonderful bloggers telling us how they come up with budgets, make their dollars stretch farther, and save money to use for their homeschooling needs.

Sound like something you can relate to?  I know I can!  If you can as well be sure to check out the following blogs and be sure to leave some bloggy love for them.

To start us off we have Renita @ KrazyKuehnerDays asking Setting a Homeschool Budget???

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy weighs in with It’s Going to Cost How Much?!

Joelle @ Homeschooling for His Glory asks Homeschool Budget-Do I Have One?

Christa @ Fairfield Corner Academy wants to know How Do You Plan Your Homeschool Money?

Blossom @ North Laurel Home & School gives us some ideas with Stocking the Homeschool Supplies-There Has to be a Better Way…

Mrs. Taffy @ My Life on a Taffy Pull gives us a shout out with Show Me the Money {Part 2}

Jessica @ Modest Mama admits that Homeschooling Ain’t Cheap!

Martha @ The Joy of School offers great advice with Homeschool Supplies and Finances

Sacha @ Home in the Trenches talks to us about How to Save Money in Your Homeschool Budget

Jane @ Mozi Esme talks to us about Living Generously

Crystal @ Logistically Large talks to us about their Homeschool Budget

Jessica @ Orange Marmalade Mama asks So, How Much Does This Cost Anyway?

Beth @ Ozark Ramblings takes a different approach with School Budgets: What Would Dave Say?

Mary @ Winecup Christian Academy gives us some great ideas in Is Home Schooling Expensive?

Kimberly @ Homeschooling In Nova Scotia answers the question How Do You Manage Your Homeschool Budget?

Heather @ Blessings Pour Out ponders To Buy or Not to Buy…That is the Question

Briana @ I Can’t Decide tells about Our Homeschool Budget for 6 Students

Laura @ Day by Day in Our World puts in her two cents with Paying for Homeschooling in Our House


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