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Favorite Field Trips

Some day I’m going to write a book and title it, Homeschooling by the Field Trip Method. I love field trips! And thankfully, so does my son. We have been blessed to take many fabulous field trips over the course of the past 6 years we have been homeschooling. From local historical sites to museums and monuments all over Washington DC, our studies have been greatly enriched by seeing, touching, and hearing all about interesting people, places and things.

So it’s no surprise that I spend a lot of time perusing blogs, looking for more fun field trip ideas. Which led to this week’s Blog Cruise question:


What has been your favorite field trip?


So come along on a virtual tour of the TOS Homeschool Crew’s favorite field trips!


Alane, at Reaping a Harvest, shares some fun adventures in “A Few of My Favorite (Field Trip) Things”.

At Ozark Ramblings, Beth and her crew meet some interesting critters when they get “A Chance to Go Underground”.

Cariann’s “Favorite Field Trip” involves wings and waves. Check it out at Unionvale Homeschool.

At Eclectic Montage, April shares “Our Favorite Field Trips–Learning by Adventure”.

“In Get up and Go! Field Trips Make Learning Fun”, Amy, at Amy’s Blog, knows that a big part of successful learning lies in making memories.

Christa says, “If we had to go again . . . we’d pick . . . “, well, you’ll have to click over to her blog, Fairfield Corner Academy, and find out which field trip she would pick!

At Kingdom Academy, “Adventures in Legoland” is counted as a very favorite field trip. Brandy tells us all about it!

In “God’s Wonderful World“, Jane and her little girl get out and enjoy nature at Mozi Esmé.

Heather describes “A Berry Good Day” where things are juicy and delicious at Blessings Pour Out.

Mary, at Winecup Christian Academy, tells us all about her family’s very first homeschool field trip, “The One with the Free Ice Cream“.

The “Castillo De San Marcos National Monument” is the setting for Jennifer’s favorite field trip. Read all about it at A Glimpse of Our Life. 

Sara, at Embracing Destiny, embraces real-life experiences and hands-on opportunities including “Field Trips” in her homeschool.

Lastly, I take you on a trip to Arlington National Cemetery, for a peak at one of our favorite places to visit in the Washington DC area, at Ben and Me.

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