Vocal Coach

The Vocal Coach, with Chris and Carole Beatty, is a collection of singing products available to be used in a home setting. Chris and Carole have been teaching singing for over 40 years.  In addition to their wonderful products, they offer private vocal coaching and vocal seminars.  They are passionate about teaching people to sing.  The Schoolhouse Review Crew has been privileged to try two of the Beatty’s products,  ‘Teaching Kids to Sing’ and ‘Vocal Coach Singer.’ ‘Teaching Kids to Sing’ is 2 DVD / 1 CD set, geared towards kids ages 5-13, which teaches kids the basics about their voice.  Continue reading

Growing Up Wild

The Growing Up Wild DVD series introduces viewers to the Wild family who serve as missionaries in Indonesia.  Targeted towards children ages 5-12, it is their hope that these videos will not only educate children about real-life on the field but be used to raise up the next generation of missionaries. While the DVD series could serve as a compliment to a homeschool and/or Sunday School curricula, the uses are endless.  Consider showing the DVD’s at VBS, youth groups, summer programs, or private/Christian schools.  Actually any setting where the audience could benefit from seeing the ins-and-outs of modern day missionaries would be perfect. Continue reading

IEW’s Primary Arts of Language

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) is a well-known and well-respected name in the world of homeschooling.  Though many naturally think of their resources for older students, IEW also offers Primary Arts of Language (PAL) for the youngest readers and writers in the family.  The Schoolhouse Crew recently reviewed this program geared for kindergarten through second grade, covering reading, writing, and spelling.   It is broken down into two separate programs: Primary Arts of Reading and Primary Arts of Writing, but should be done concurrently.  There is an informational recorded webinar online that can answer many frequently asked questions and Continue reading

What an Honor: The 2012 Homeschool Blog Awards

We at the Schoolhouse Crew had some exciting news yesterday.  The 8th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards nominees were announced, and this blog was nominated in the category of Best Family or Group Blog. We feel honored to be a nominee.  Thank you so much! Go and check out all of the amazing homeschooling blogs that are part of this year’s nominations, including many blogs belonging to Crew Members, past and present.  If you feel led to vote for us while you are there, we won’t object!  You can vote for your favorite blogs every day from now until November 16! Continue reading

Grace & Truth Books

  Grace and Truth Books is a Christian bookstore built on the idea that “fancy packaging” is not what’s important, what matters is “what will glorify God, strengthen His people in their walk, and call all peoples to find joy in knowing His gospel and following Him.” They have books and audiobooks available on a myriad of topics for both children and adults. For this review, our TOS Crew members got to choose from ten different books for kids and adults. Your Child’s Profession of Faith by Dennis Gundersen is a book for parents meant to help them in pointing Continue reading

Modesty Matters

Sometimes it’s difficult to find suitable clothes to buy. Modesty Matters helps fill that need, especially the need to find modest dresses, by offering both sewing patterns and sewing instruction. Their “You CAN Sew!” program is a comprehensive course designed to teach basic sewing skills. The detailed lesson plans and instructional DVDs walk the student step-by-step through sewing fundamentals such as choosing appropriate fabric, properly threading you machine, setting the correct thread tension, reading a pattern, sewing with either a straight or a zigzag stitch, and much more. At the end of the 65 lessons, the student will have three Continue reading

Apologia: Journeys of Faithfulness

The latest Apologia product that the Crew has had the privilege to review is the book Journeys of Faithfulness by Sarah Clarkson.  Through a series of stories about biblical women such as Mary, Ruth, and Esther, the author challenges young women to explore and deepen their relationship with Christ.  The 232 pages of the paperback include devotionals and journaling spots.  Each story gives a historical fiction account of one of these women, using the details we know from the Biblical story and adding the author’s insight into what the characters could have felt and how they may have been affected by Continue reading

Activity Bags

For the past few weeks, the Review Crew has had the pleasure of reviewing many products from Activity Bags.  The products reviewed include the following: Science Experiments in a Bag E-Book 1: This book provides examples of 25 simple science experiments in Biology, General Science, and Nature that you can do at home.  Science Experiments in a Bag E-Book 2: Like E-Book 1, this book provides examples of 25 more experiments, but this time in Chemistry, Human Body and Science, and General Science.  Science Experiments in a Bag E-Book 3: Focused all on Chemistry this time, there are 25 more Continue reading


RECON is a comprehensive Christian worldview curriculum designed for students in grades 11-12.  It is feasible to use this Bible study curriculum with 10th grade students, if the parent feels the student is advanced enough to fully understand and implement it.  RECON can also be used with college students and adults.  The premise behind RECON is that students will complete the lessons, ideally with an adult mentor and a few other students, then students will carry what they have learned with them as they go to college.  Once on their college campus, students can connect with other Recon students to form cell Continue reading

Beloved Books

Picture an old-time family gathered together around the radio, maybe playing quiet games and listening to their favorite programs. Now picture YOUR kids doing the same, only this time they are gathered around the family CD player and enjoying listening to stories read aloud. That is exactly the mission of Beloved Books where they have released a variety of life-affirming, wholesome literature in CD form for your family’s listening enrichment. The Sugar Creek Gang Audios make up a wholesome Christian adventure series that was started in 1939 by Paul Hutchens. It was later dramatized into the audio version by Paul Continue reading