Artistic Pursuits

We are pleased to have Artistic Pursuits back for a 3rd year!  You can find the thoughts about this art curriculum from our first voyage here.  You can find the thoughts of our second voyage here.

This year’s Crew will be reviewing various books from the Artistic Pursuits product line, which includes books for all ages, preschool through high school.  I would encourage you to click on the following links, which will take you directly to the Artistic Pursuits website, where you can find more information on each of these products.


K-3, Book One–An Introduction to the Visual Arts

K-3, Book Two–Stories of Artists and Their Art

K-3, Book Three–Modern Painting and Sculpture

Grades 4-6, Book One–The Elements of Art and Composition

Grades 4-6, Book Two–Color and Composition

Junior High Book One, Grades 7-8–The Elements of Art and Composition

Junior High Book Two, Grades 7-8–Color and Composition

Senior High Book One, Grades 9-12–The Elements of Art and Composition

Senior High Book Two, Grades 9-12–Color and Composition


In addition to product information, you’ll also find full color page samples from each of these books/series.

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