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Action Alert is a company that provides internet safety in many forms. There are many internet dangers out there.  The downloadable software offers 8 internet safety tools.

Access Control & Activity Notification:  You can get “alerts” to your computer or cell phone via email that lets you know someone is trying to access a questionable site.  You can then choose to disable to computer right from there.

Site Blocking & Content Filtering:  Action Alert comes “preloaded” with websites known to host damaging spyware or other unwanted content. You can add others that you don’t allow in your house also. You can even just choose to use just the allowed sites only mode, where you choose the only sites they can visit. There is also a safe search option which filters the search results to family friendly.

Activity Video Recording, Keystroke Logging & Chat and Email Logging: This records screen shots every couple of seconds, so you can see exactly what your family is doing on the computer online and off.

Time Allowance:  Set time limits or daily times when the computer can be used. 


Action Alert has been featured on television and won awards.  They are the only internet safety solution endorsed by The Child Safety Network.


There are two versions of Action Alert

The Free Version  

  • Offers everything you need to set up a kid safe computer in seconds.


The Maximum Protection Version ($29.99)

  • fully customizable
  • offers multiple user protection
  • full social network monitoring. 


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A big thank you to Alyson of Family Style School for writing this introductory post.

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